While we’re talking about interesting beer/food combinations, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a link sent to me by Mama McHops over the weekend. Mama McHops isn’t an Alehead (few Moms are…it’s part of the Mom Code or something). She is, however, a ridiculously good cook and she’s always on the look-out for recipes to please the palate of yours truly. I don’t actually like ice cream (as Slouch Sixpack has noted, I’m a weird dude, Ace), but even I can’t argue with the glory that is the Black and White Stout Milkshake.

If I were making one at home, I’d fire up one of Southern Tier’s notoriously tasty Blackwater Series dessert beers (Choklat, Jahva, Mokah, Creme Brulee). But any decent Chocolate/Milk Stout would work just fine. You’re welcome, America. And thanks, Ma.


  1. Thank you Mama McHops for passing this along. Always a huge fan of the black & white but never thought to take it to another level (Had a regular one last night as a matter of fact).

    Brother Barley, I’m sure you remember during our trip to Ireland over a decade ago when we sampled a dish of Guinness Ice Cream. Nothing like pouring a bottle of Guinness (Not the draught bottle, the actual Extra Stout bitter syrupy stuff) over a bowl of Vanilla ice cream to make you feel at home. Slainte!

  2. One of my favorite homebrew concoctions was having a homebrew stout float — a nice breakfast stout with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. Just like a root beer float, but gets you drunk. I have to thank my Uncle Peter for that one. Leave it to those crazy California guys…

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