NOTES: Draft @ Jolly Pumpkin in Ann Arbor, MI

STYLE: American Stout

ABV: 5.2%

APPEARANCE: Very dark, hazy mahogany

HEAD: Small tan head that disappeared immediately

LACING: Good lacing all over the glass

NOSE: Mostly roasted malt, some toasted oak, and very, very faint whiffs of baker’s chocolate. Despite the name, there’s hardly any cocoa aroma in this sucker. Compare it to something like the Southern Tier Mokah which is practically a cup of chocolate frosting and it’s unclear why they even put the word “Chocolate” in the name.

TASTE: Very one-dimensional. Just dark-roasted malt with a touch of caramel. Not much chocolate, despite the name and virtually no hops. Absolutely no finish. Just a wisp of bitterness and then it was gone.

MOUTHFEEL: A touch thinner than medium-bodied. Much thinner than I’d prefer.

DRINKABILITY: Tortuga seems to be some sort of spin-off of Jolly Pumpkin…but not as good. This beer was perfectly drinkable, but perfectly bland. I don’t mind stouts that play it a little “safe”, but this just wasn’t enough to hold my interest. A one and done for me.

RATING: 2 Hops

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