Noted Aleheads commenter Downtown Smiley Brown brought this amazing piece of beer pop-culture to our attention. A “Mexican Saloon” in NYC is offering a beer popsicle made out of a frozen Tecate can. The bartender injects the brew with lime juice and simple syrup, jams a wooden stick in the ol ‘sippin’ hole, freezes it for a few days, and then slices the can open for the amusement/enjoyment of the bar’s patrons. The frozen concoction can then be pushed up out of the remainder of the can like an old-fashioned Push-Pop.

My first question to Mr. Brown was why the hell the bartender would choose a beer as limp as Tecate for such an endeavor? There are four very reasonable responses to my indignant query:

  1. The bar is a Mexican Saloon. It’s either Tecate or Dos Equis and we’ve already made our feelings about Dos Equis readily apparent in these pages.
  2. Tecate is a shockingly watery brew. Ergo, it probably freezes faster and more thoroughly than higher-quality fare.
  3. Hellboy drinks Tecate!
  4. This last one is Smiley’s theory and I’m 99% sure it’s the real reason Tecate was chosen. If you read the article, you’ll note that you have the “option” of bathing the beersicle in a tequila bath before consuming it (and naturally there’s an upcharge for said shot of booze). Very few beers on Earth pair as well with tequila as the similarly named Tecate (Tequila…Tecate…Uma…Oprah). Of course, no one would actually turn down this option. You’re already eating a frozen beer out of a can in a bar…are you really going to forego the tequila?

Thanks, Mr. Brown for bringing this one to our attention. For all of you NYC-dwelling Aleheads…let us know how this sucker tastes.

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