NOTES: Draft @ Ashley’s in Ann Arbor, MI


ABV: 6.6%

APPEARANCE: Hazy honey-color

HEAD: Small, fizzy, pearl-colored crown that faded fairly quickly

LACING: Spotty but tenacious

NOSE: Hopariffic. I was expecting a big hop aroma, but this blew me away. Overwhelming notes of grapefruit and pine leave your eyes watering and your mouth salivating. I tried to sniff the malt backbone, but the hops just overpowered everything. The Prof claimed that it smelled like sticking your head in a Ziploc bag of fresh Cascade hops. I personally try not to put plastic bags over my head, so I’ll take the Prof’s word for it.

TASTE: “Only” 76 IBUs, but it makes the 112 IBU Founder’s Devil Dancer taste like a Brown Ale. Goes to show that IBUs only tell part of the story. This is a mouth-imploding, eye-watering, bitter-as-hell hop-bomb. Considering it’s just a “standard” IPA and not a Double, that’s pretty damn impressive. One of the hoppiest brews I’ve ever had. Big citrus flavors up front, a sweet, pale malt backbone in the middle, and a hugely bitter, drying finish. Very nice.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-bodied with great carbonation. A supremely drying beer on the palate.

DRINKABILITY: Far too bitter to session with, but still a highly drinkable beer. Actually, you might as well just drink it all night, because you won’t be tasting anything else afterward.

RATING: 3.5 Hops


  1. Wow, I’ve never heard about these guys and they’re right in my northern Michigan summer stomping grounds. Thanks for posting this one, sounds awesome and I will be checking Short’s out.

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