For reasons I can only begin to fathom, our Ten Most Offensive Beer Labels post went viral over the past week. Well…the Aleheads are nothing if not responsive to our readers. So in that vein, we’ve decided to unleash Ten MORE of the most Offensive Beer Labels on Earth. Most of these are suggestions from our commentors or our readers on Reddit and Fark (and some other less respectable sites). Quite a few come from Beer Here, the Danish ale factory that is renowned for their questionable labels. Regardless of where they come from, remember…we didn’t design ’em. So don’t shoot the messenger.


10. Biere Du Gambrinus l'Alsacienne: Lots of breweries use titillating pictures of half-naked women on their labels. Only a select few elminate undergarments entirely.
9. U-Rhine Piswasser Pils: OK...this one is actually fake. It's a fictional beer ad from Grand Theft Auto. But it's a pitch-perfect mockery of Budweiser, so it counts.
8. Buffalo Bill's Alimony Ale: Probably only offensive if you're a Mom trying to collect alimony or a Dad forced to pay it. But considering the divorce rates in this country, that's a lot of people.
7. Beer Here Ollah: Our first of many Beer Here brews. It's an April Fool's label from the Danish masters of offensive label art. You know what...we're not even going to make a joke here. In fact, let's just move along. Move along...nothing to see here.
6. Caldera Vas Deferens: This label got lots of pub in our "Best Beer Labels" post. It's not so much "offensive" as it is "cringe-worthy".
5. Beer Here Kama Citra: Back to the Beer Here well. Nothing overtly offensive about this until you look at the little cartoon couple copulating in the background. Unless you're into that kind of thing...which I am.
4. Shmaltz Albino Python: Sure, maybe it's just a woman kissing a snake. But...it's not. It's a penis metaphor. A great, big, penis metaphor.
3. Beer Here Ammestout: I have no problem with public breast-feeding. It's perfectly natural. But I do have a problem with women drinking WHILE breast-feeding. You're supposed to have TWO hands on the baby! Who are you? Randall Cunningham?!?!
2. Beer Here Bukkake: You know what? Just look it up. I'm not doing all the work for you.
1. nIcebrew Monk's Dirty Little Secret: It might LOOK like he's pissing in the beer...but he sure seems to be working awfully hard for someone taking a leak.


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