NOTES: Bottle @ Monk’s Cafe in Philly

STYLE: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

ABV: 9%

APPEARANCE: Dark, cloudy amber

HEAD: Thin beige head that fades away quickly

LACING: Splotchy lace all over the glass. Very nice.

NOSE: Burnt sugar and cocoa, molasses, dark stone fruits, a whiff of alcohol noseburn, and a nice, toasted oak backdrop.

TASTE: Excellent mix of big, fruity flavors (dates, figs, plums, and prunes) and subtle sweetness (candi sugar, caramel, and toffee). A touch of alcohol in the finish cleanses the palate. Although Russian River is best known for their hop-bombs, the Salvation proves that the brewery is nothing if not diverse.

MOUTHFEEL: Full-bodied, but not heavy. Silky-smooth and well-carbonated.

DRINKABILITY: Super drinkable…but I’m a sucker for Russian River. I’ve never had anything that was less than superb from the fine folks in Sonoma.

RATING: 3.5 Hops

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