The future home of the Avondale Brewing Company.

Certain things in life are worth celebrating. Getting married. The birth of a child. A new job. The 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship.*

*Has it been 6 years already? My how time flies. Let me just watch Damon’s grand slam in Game 7 of the ALCS one more time. Sweet! Fuck you, Yankees.

One more thing to celebrate? The birth of a new brewery in your adopted hometown. Now sure, a new ale factory may elicit a yawn in a city like Portland, San Francisco, Boston, or Seattle. But in Birmingham, Alabama…the largest city in the second most beer-starved state in the country? Well, then it’s a big goddamn deal.

Birmingham isn’t exactly a beer mecca. Hell, the entire state only has five active breweries, two of which (Back Forty and Emerald Coast) are contract brewed in other states (though Back Forty will shortly open in Gadsden, AL). That leaves the Montgomery Brewing Company (just a brewpub…you can’t buy their beer off-premises thanks to Alabama’s insanely restrictive beer laws), the Olde Towne Brewing Company (which, despite it’s Boston-sounding name, is a fairly new outfit up in Huntsville), and Good People Brewing which I’ve written about in these pages before.*

*Update: When I first wrote this piece, I neglected to mention Huntsville’s newest brewery, Straight to Ale. Shortly after posting this, I did a write-up of a couple of their brews. You can find that post here.

In other words, a city of 250,000 and a metro area of 1,000,000 people only has one native brewery to speak of. Good though it may be, the local Aleheads are craving some variety. Enter Avondale Brewing Company.

Located in an up-and-coming part of Birmingham (I should point out that most neighborhoods in Birmingham are eternally described as “up-and-coming”), the Avondale Brewing Company is set to start production at the end of the year (or possibly early 2011). What will their products be like? No idea. Local press reports that the brewery will at least be pumping out a lager, pale ale, and IPA. I hope they’re high-quality, complex products…but honestly, I’m just happy to have another ale factory in town.

Stay tuned for some Avondale tasting notes in the future. In the meantime, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my future new neighbor. Please stay awhile…


  1. i’m also very excited about avondale brewing company. 2010/2011 is looking to be a pretty awesome time for beer in bham. i’m especially excited about good people’s canning line that will start working in october.

    also, you forgot to mention straight to ale. it just opened this year up in huntsville, and three of their beers just got to the j clyde today (including monkeynaut ipa on cask). i had monkeynaut at brewfest and it was fantastic.

  2. Thanks, Spencer. Hopefully I corrected that omission with today’s post!

    Very excited about Good People’s canning operations. Rumor has it that some of their specialty offerings will be canned in tall boys. Can’t wait to get a 16-ouncer of BSDA or Coffee Oatmeal Stout!

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