NOTES: Draft @ Pub & Kitchen in Philly

STYLE: Rye Beer

ABV: 7.2%

APPEARANCE: Hazy copper beflecked with red highlights

HEAD: Creamy, off-white head, thick and long-lasting

LACING: Very nice, clumpy and sticky

NOSE: Equal parts oily, resiny hops and spicy rye. Unobtrusive malt sweetness is present, but takes a back-seat.

TASTE: Big rye spice up front, good caramel-malt sweetness in the middle, and a bitter, slightly acidic hop/alcohol finish.

MOUTHFEEL: Creamy, somewhat fuller than medium-bodied. Excellent carbonation.

DRINKABILITY: Seems like I’m rating all the Sixpoint beers the same way, but I can’t help it. They’re all drinkable session brews with just enough character to keep you interested. They won’t blow you away, but they get the job done. Sixpoint is the Tim Wakefield of breweries.

RATING: 3 Hops


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