As promised, here are the overall GPAs for the 46 breweries I analyzed in a previous post:

1 Russian River 3.76
2 AleSmith 3.73
3 Surly 3.72
4 Lost Abbey 3.72
5 Stone 3.68
6 Bruery 3.66
7 Founders 3.63
8 Three Floyds 3.60
9 Oskar Blues 3.54
10 Port 3.51
11 Great Lakes 3.51
12 Allagash 3.50
13 Hair of the Dog 3.48
14 Bear Republic 3.47
15 Troegs 3.47
16 Deschutes 3.47
17 Ommegang 3.46
18 Odell 3.45
19 Victory 3.44
20 Anchor 3.42
21 Brooklyn 3.41
22 North Coast 3.39
23 Bells 3.39
24 Goose Island 3.39
25 New Glarus 3.38
26 Avery 3.37
27 Terrapin 3.36
28 Berkshire 3.35
29 Rogue 3.35
30 Great Divide 3.34
31 Stoudts 3.33
32 Ninkasi 3.33
33 Sierra 3.32
34 Smuttynose 3.32
35 Dogfish 3.31
36 Lagunitas 3.29
37 New Belgium 3.29
38 Middle Ages 3.26
39 Cisco 3.24
40 Sweetwater 3.21
41 Weyerbacher 3.19
42 Anderson Valley 3.15
43 Moylans 3.14
44 Harpoon 3.14
45 Boston Beer 3.07
46 Magic Hat 3.02

One thought on “GPAs

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to comment on this list. Biggest surprises, biggest oversights, biggest travesties? I think I’ll go with the breweries that I’m glad to see on this list, as in, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they rock.

    9. Oskar Blues – I have yet to have anything from them that isn’t phenomenal. One of the few domestic breweries outside of New England where I know I’ve had everything they produce. These guys have simply skyrocketed in beer fame the last few years and I’m glad that everyone likes them as much as I do. Sure, I first bought these to see if good beer could come in a can, but after that you know it’s not just a marketing ploy.

    15. Troegs – I’ve just recently started getting into Troegs. First beer I had was the Nugget Nectar, so naturally I wanted everything else they ever made immediately. They’re one of the few breweries that puts out a mixed 12-pack that has a star in every position. It’s pretty amazing how well they do traditional English (And some German) styles but can also throw hop-bombs right in your face

    28. Berkshire – Granted, Beer Advocate was founded in MA, so Berkshire Brewing only seems a natural fit for this list. That said, I think Berkshire can hold its own against most mid-level breweries in the country. I’m a big fan because they put aggressive beers in 22’s and growlers, something that’s rare in the craft industry. They don’t make a lot that will blow you away, but they stay true to styles and add their own subtle twists that bring everything together. One of the best examples of Coffee Porter you’ll ever fine. Great session beers too.

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