I’ve always been a fan of Long Trail, although I feel that they play second/third fiddle to Magic Hat and Otter Creek when it comes to Vermont’s best.  I was excited to finally find a bottle from their Brewmaster Series and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the results.

Very dark pour from a 22, nice carbonation and a tightly woven tan head atop the glass.  Roasted coffee nose, slightly floral, exactly what you want in your porter.  Dark chocolate and a ton of bitterness are the first things that hit your lips.  After that, a nice punch of alcohol from the 8.3% ABV that warms the belly from start to finish.   Really clean brew with a perfect malt to hops ratio, one does not overpower the other.

If you can find it, pick this guy up immediately.  I’ll rate this Imperial Porter 3.5 hops and will now start my search for their newly released Coffee Stout.  One note – make sure you let this one warm up a bit or you’ll miss out on a near-perfect example of the style.


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