Like a number of the Aleheads, I’m a Boston sports fan through and through. Born in Beantown and raised just outside the city, my heart belongs to the Sox, Pats, C’s and B’s. We’ve been exceedingly fortunate over the past few years to watch the Sox end their championship drought, the Patriots establish a ridiculous dynasty, and the Celtics regain their championship form. But the black sheep in the room has always been the Bruins…a team that hadn’t won a Stanley Cup since the Nixon Administration. Until last night, that is.

In an incredible 7-game series (their third of the playoffs!), the Black & Gold ended nearly four decades of heartbreak by winning one of the most satisfying championships in Boston sports history. Turning in a true team effort and riding the crazy-hot goal-tending of 37-year-old Tim Thomas (the only American on the B’s roster), the Bruins shut down the Vancouver Canucks…easily the best team in the regular season. While the Canucks bit fingers, threw cheap shots, guaranteed wins, and whined throughout the series (particularly their mercurial goalie, Roberto “The Sieve” Luongo), the Bruins kept quiet, maintained focus, and came through with a 4-0 shellacking in Game 7. Congrats to the Bruins and all their fans. It was a long wait, but it was worth it.

In typical Aleheads fashion, I’m assigning a craft beer to 10 of the key Bruins. Some of the analogies are better than others, but what do you want from me…I was up late watching the victory celebration:


Tim Thomas – Founders KBS: A brew from Michigan…and holy shit is it good. Timmy’s from Michigan too…and holy SHIT is he good!

Zdeno Chara – BrewDog’s The End of History: The biggest beer on Earth for the biggest goddamn hockey player I’ve ever seen. Look, I’m tired…I’m really not putting a lot of thought into this. Go Bruins!

Mark Recchi – Anchor Steam: The old man…he’s been around the block a few times and won his fair share of Cups. Anchor’s classic California Common beer is the granddaddy of American craft beer and it’s won it’s fair share of awards. Still tasty though.

Patrice Bergeron – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: Bergeron came through in the clutch last night with two goals and overall inspired play. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale always comes through in the clutch…just when you think you’re stuck at a bar or event with no craft beer to speak of, there’s that familiar neon-green bottle.

Brad Marchand – Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel: The rookie agitator crushed the Canucks and scored goals in bunches. Dieu du Ciel is the “new kid” in the Canadian craft beer scene and they tend to crush the rest of the Canuck ale factories while winning awards in bunches.

Claude Julien – Sam Adams Noble Pils: Julien took the noble high road throughout this series unlike the yappy Canucks. Some thought his best days as a coach were behind him and that he shouldn’t even have helmed the B’s after last year’s disastrous choke-job against the Flyers. After Sam Adams unveiled their Twisted Teas and Sam Light, some craft beer fans thought their best days were behind them. But they’ve come back strong with some great offerings recently and their Noble Pils proves they’ve still got it.

Dennis Seidenberg – Ayinger Celebrator: The 2nd German ever to get his name inscribed on Lord Stanley’s Cup, I’m giving Seidenberg (who had two assists in Game 7) one of the best German beers there is. Celebrate with a Celebrator, mein herr.

Nathan Horton – Pete’s Wicked Ale: Horton had to sit out the last few games after a cheap shot by Aaron Rome in Game 3…but he inspired the Bruins to play their best and they won 4 of their last 5 games. Pete’s Wicked is, alas, no more after the line was discontinued by Gambrinus earlier this year. But Pete Slosberg helped inspire legions of American brewers and was one of the key figures in ushering in the modern “golden age” of craft beer.

Cam Neely – Cigar City Sea Bass:Kick his ass, Sea Bass!” Thanks for the memories as a player, Cam. As team President, you’ve finally got your ring.

3 thoughts on “BEERS FOR THE B’S

  1. Yes Bro Ba. Last time you and Sis McHops were just twinkles, good ones though, in Grammy and Gramps McHops eyes, let alone the beautiful treasures that were to follow years later. Watching the great Bobby Orr at the gahden and putting down four or five of the 3.2 ABV’s of the day (Piels, Gansett and the such) was great.I wish only that you could have experienced the greatest boston teams ever, the big, bad bruins, and never to take away from Brady, Pedro et al, but those of us oldies will tell you it was “Boston Frenzie” when we had nothing.
    In sports or brew.

  2. Wow, you have a lot of free time on your hands…Good free time – bless you brother.. I too am from the holy land of sports greatness, York Maine. Although I lived through the championship drought of earlier decades, I can now walk erect with my head held high and a craft beer even higher in salute to the sports megaliths of our New England sports warriors! Hey, lets go tear some stuff up and throw it in the grill and burn it!!!! I am thinking the six pack holder for a rack of Labatt beer!!!! Crazy fan that I am…

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