This week, Slouch and Barley rap about:

3 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #10

  1. I’m actually OK with the Dogfish decision to pull out of 4 states, just not with their messaging. If they had come out and simply told their loyal fans that the states weren’t profitable, shipping was too high, demand was too low – I would give them a lot of credit for being honest. Instead, their excuse is that the demand for their product is so high that they can’t keep up with production (Ego, much?). Demand that slightly exceeds supply is a great thing and something every brewer, distributor, and retailer would want, but there’s other ways to go about realigning your business strategy than pulling out of a market completely and telling the public that you don’t have enough beer for them.

    Again, just say that business isn’t working out and it isn’t as profitable to sell beer in these 4 states as it used to be. No one would fault Dogfish for that.

  2. Keep it up, guys. Loving these.
    Especially like Slouch’s hard-hitting takes on these stories, and his insider perspective.

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