Beer!!  The Great American Beer Festival (GABF), held annually in Denver to celebrate all things beer, just announced the winners from this past weekend’s event.  I’ll post the link below, but figured I’d save some of our readers the trouble of going through all 80 categories and other various awards and show some highlights.  Everyone has a different opinion on the validity of these awards, but in the end it’s a celebration of beer and it’s great to see some of the smaller guys get recognized for their craft among industry giants.

  • Mad River Brewing Company wins Small Brewing Company of the Year
  • Blue Moon (Owner by Coors of course) takes home Large Brewing Company of the Year and two gold medals.  Um, okay
  • Deschutes takes gold for their English Pale Ale Mirror Pond (Only mentioning that because I still can’t get their beer, and it makes me sad)
  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co. takes Gold and Silver in the American Pale Ale category and places in what seems like every category available
  • Pizza Port takes gold in both the IPA and Imperial IPA categories as well as the award for Large Brewpub of the Year – Holy shit!
  • Category 58 is “American-Style India Black Ale”.  Just saying
  • Allagash White earns bronze in the Belgian Wit category.  Hmmm, is bronze the best or third best?  I forget
  • Category 29, “American Piss-Water”, shows Miller Lite, Old Milwaukee, and MGD.  Can you imagine the judging panel for that?

Lots of other interesting beers on the list so check out the Great American Beer Festival Winners List for full results.

2 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. Props to The Ram Brewery for their bronze in the Bock category (simply because they’re right across the street from school, and where I’m heading when my class gets out in an hour and a half). 🙂

  2. For the last time, I don’t even particularly love the Allagash White…I’m just saying that for the STYLE, it’s excellent. And coming in third behind two podunk brewpub’s offerings that you’ll probably never see on your package store shelves isn’t exactly a debacle. There were 45 entries in that category and the Allagash White (the flagship of the brewery, I might add) still medaled. I think that’s pretty damn impressive. Plus, it won the Gold in the past (2005) and it’s well accepted that the GABF likes to mix up their winners every year.

    The winner for Fruit Beer: Blue Moon Chardonnay Blond. I seriously don’t even have a joke for that.

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