1. American IPA
  2. Imperial Stout
  3. Imperial IPA
  4. Session IPA
  5. American Stout
  6. American Pale Ale
  7. Imperial Red Ale
  8. Imperial Porter
  9. American Black Ale
  10. Barrel-Aged Beer
  11. American Sour
  12. Coffee Beer
  13. Flanders Red
  14. Quadrupel
  15. Oud Bruin
  16. Gose
  17. Oatmeal Stout
  18. Saison
  19. Dubbel
  20. Scotch Ale
  21. Milk Stout
  22. Porter
  23. Brett/Wild Ale
  24. Lambic
  25. American Brown Ale
  26. Berliner Weisse
  27. Belgian Pale Ale
  28. Hefeweizen
  29. American Barley Wine
  30. Gueuze
  31. American Amber Ale
  32. Witbier
  33. Doppelbock
  34. Biere de Garde
  35. Tripel
  36. Baltic Porter
  37. Rye Beer
  38. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  39. Wheat Wine Ale
  40. Scottish Ale
  41. Marzen/Oktoberfest
  42. American Wheat Ale
  43. Belgian Blonde Ale
  44. English IPA
  45. Irish Dry Stout
  46. Mild
  47. Chocolate Beer
  48. Dunkelweizen
  49. Smoked Porter
  50. Maibock
  51. Kolsch
  52. Schwarzbier
  53. Old Ale
  54. Weizenbock
  55. English Barley Wine
  56. English Brown Ale
  57. Dunkel
  58. Altbier
  59. California Common
  60. Blonde Ale
  61. Bohemian Pilsener
  62. Fruit Beer
  63. Cream Ale
  64. Pumpkin Beer
  65. English Bitter
  66. Herb and Spice Beer
  67. Bock
  68. American Amber Lager
  69. ESB
  70. Pilsener
  71. Helles
  72. Vienna Lager
  73. Irish Red
  74. Rauchbier
  75. Honey Beer
  76. European Export
  77. American Lager
  78. Gluten Free Beer

11 thoughts on “BEER STYLES, RANKED

  1. Man, when you want to be wrong, you go all in. Not only do you wait until the later rounds to even acknowledge the Germans but you do so with Berliner Weisse. Now, I love Berliners, but that’s not exactly where I’d start (rhymes with smeizen schmock). And holy hell, Session IPA as a first round draft pick? It’s like you’re trying to hurt me. In closing, booooooooooooooooo!

    1. Doc, this is a 100% quantitative, fact-based list. You can argue all you want, but Berliner Weisse is clearly the 26th best style and German beer styles are universally acknowledged to be inferior to most American and Belgian styles. I really don’t see how you can debate this.

    1. Look, if you can come up with a reasoned argument against this list, I’d like to hear it. But since Session IPAs are wholly accepted as the 4th best style of beer, you really have no leg to stand on.

  2. It’s funny, if it weren’t for Imperial Red Ale being 7th on the list, I might have even given you the benefit of the doubt that you did one of your sciencey things. Ratebeer vs. BA, standard deviations for top-ranked styles, all that jazz. But no, you had to throw in your bubby and once again profess your uncompromising love for Imperial Reds. You were sly, you didn’t stick it at number one, but I got you. You’re suspect!

  3. I smell a smartass amongst us. ‘Objectively’ ‘100% quantitative’ ‘Session IPA ‘wholly’ accepted as 4th best style of beer’ HAHA. Wiseguy. Good read, great list. Love all them beers. And yes, every beer is a session beer 😉

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