Brother Barley and Slouch Sixpack take on the week’s top beer news stories:

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  1. Excellent podcast, although you should include the story links as you have in the past.

    Glad that Barley still cares about whether his beer is coming from Anheuser-owned companies.

  2. I can not believe how uninformed you are about Craft Brew Alliance. ABINBEV has ZERO to do with what they brew, or how they brew it. If they did, do you think they would be killing Widmer Hefe with their Shock Top push and pricing? AB are stock holders and deliver CBA’s beer that is it.

    I’m a fan of a lot of what Widmer has been doing lately and I hate when beer enthusiasts get caught up what the Brewers Association defines. This is the same organization that keeps increasing the volume definition in order to keep Sam Adams.

    Redhook, Kona, and Widmer are not Leinenkugel or Pete’s Wicked Ale.
    I also can’t believe your comment about publicly traded breweries. If you think that most of your beloved breweries are in it just for the craft you have zero insight into how the business really works. I’ve worked for what are now big craft breweries, small regional craft breweries, and brewpubs and they are all looking to make money.

    I am done listening to your podcast. Your “I’m routing for the small guy” attitude puts you on the wrong side quite often in my opinion. I too think corporations are inherently evil but your Pollyanna view of craft beer off-putting. It’s people like you that are ruining craft beer.

    May your next hiatus be soon and permanent.

    1. Geez, Richard…did someone kick your dog this morning?

      Look, I stated pretty explicitly in the podcast that the VAST majority of beer consumers don’t share our views. And I recognize that they are on the extreme end of the spectrum as far as beer enthusiasts are concerned.

      I consider myself a passionate craft beer fan and with that passion comes strong opinions. I absolutely DETEST the macro breweries…both in terms of their products and their business practices. I don’t want to give them a single cent of my money. I understand that with the convoluted nature of the distribution business such a strategy is all but impossible, but I can at least eschew breweries that have ties to Big Beer.

      You are MORE than entitled to your opinion and I suspect most people share them with you. I don’t claim (and never have) to be an insider or an expert on the beer industry. In fact, this site was founded with that “outsider” mentality. We don’t work for breweries, wholesalers or advertisers. We’re just beer drinkers who like talking about beer.

      It’s not fair to claim that we only root for the small guy. We love Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada and New Belgium and Oskar Blues. We love breweries that have grown without aligning themselves with the macro breweries that we have such a low opinion of.

      As a consumer, I have every right to choose which companies I support. When it comes to beer, that means knowing which companies are truly independent and which have ties to the big boys. For most people, that simply doesn’t matter. For me, it does.

      You can say it’s pollyannish, but with nearly 3,000 breweries to choose from, I have the ability to drink great beer from breweries I respect and ignore offerings from those that I don’t. I will never question what other people drink. Beer is a very subjective product and we all have different tastes and opinions when drinking it. I stand firmly by the way I choose to purchase and consume beer as do you, obviously. I respect your beliefs and I hope you respect mine.

      No one is forcing you to listen to our podcast and if our opinions bother you so much, I completely understand why you’d want to stop listening. But to want us to stop producing them simply because you disagree with us is absurd. If it frustrates you so much, start your own podcast! Preach your beliefs! It’s very easy…you just need a headset and a Skype account.

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      Brother Barley

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