It’s a drinking holiday, so you’re in. Clearly. THE MAN wants you to drink Bud Black Tie Something Something. Sentimentality says Guinness. But you have a fridge full of winter-strength beers, a few hours to kill, and a liver that just won’t quit. ¬†You’re an Alehead, goddammit. And you make your own rules. So, I ask, friends:




  1. Me? Glad you asked. 21st Amendment Lower De Boom. Arcadia just came back to PA after a hiatus, so I have a little B-Craft Black (I can’t resist a fresh hoppy beer with a Snowy Owl on the label. Just can’t.)

    And the crown jewel of the evening, a bomber of White Monkey- Victory’s Belgian-style Trippel Golden Monkey aged in white wine barrels. My cup o’ expectations runneth over.

    1. The White Monkey sounds like the least St. Paddy’s Day beer ever. Kudos on your noncomformity.

      All Day, Southern Tier 2X Milk Stout, Black Butte XV, Dogfather, Old Rasputin XV and Guinness FES, of course.

  2. Going to drink a Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon and a Porcine Unidragon in the same night. Saturday night that is, and if I am still standing will wash it down with a Brash Brewing Texas Exile. My wife is going to love me.

  3. Ha – so much better than when FB asks me what I’m doing! And since you asked (and I am just starting Spring Break!) my list is as follows: Two-hearted, because there are few better places to start, Columbus Brewing’s Bodhi IIPA x2 (this previously meh brewery is on to something solid here) for lunch. After a short break to get something accomplished, because hey, fuck you for asking, I moved on to an Avery Maharaja (just the thought of it on draft makes me burp in delight!) and a Fat Head Head Hunter (hop-tastic!) Now that I’m home, the wife is out of town and the little one is down I’ve had one of my own milk stouts (I have a shit-ton to learn!) and a Brew Kettle White Rajah or two. Ok, definitely two. I can still type, though both my liver and my taste buds are probably blown for the evening. Assomeone who routinely looks down on the beers from my current locale of Ohio, I feel I should give a goood plug for both the Bidhi and the White Rajah. This state is flat and boring, has nothing worth skiing, riding, etc but they are finally turning out some worthwhile brews. And I’m employed, so there’s that. Prost!

  4. started with a draft Hopslam followed by a glass of a 12.5 % Barleywine collab between Cigar City and Green Flash…Right now I’m working on some Corsair Small Batch Triple Smoke Bourbon…..Who knows what joy the new day will bring…

  5. Went to The Kernel Brewery in London (more later). Tasted an India Export Porter, a London Sour, and drank a Pale Ale with Simcoe Mosaic hops. All before 11.30 am. Historically inappropriate? Maybe. But I’d be just as inclined to drink something French on Cinco de Mayo. Viva Maximilian.

  6. Last night I had a Maine Beer Company Lil One, an exercise in balanced brewing on a grand scale. With tonight’s dinner, an Anchor Liberty Ale which was also fantastic. Later tonight, I move on to Whisky, and it will probably be Irish. Cheers and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  7. Just so happens I lowered my sobriety last night with one of those shot cans myself. Interesting brew. Not at all traditional. I paid homage to my birthplace and to my Irish buddies today by pouring a Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout. Then I drank it.


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