Our friends at Lucky Town Brewing in Madison, MS have been busy to say the least. After months of planning, hard work, scrimping, saving and test-brewing, Lucky Town is finally ready to hit the big time. With the purchase of their first 30-bbl fermentation tank, Mississippi-based Aleheads are now one step closer to sampling Lucky Town’s brews.

Thanks to the efforts of Raise Your Pints, Mississippi is finally allowing high-gravity beer to be sold in-state. That frees up the biggest restriction facing up-and-coming ale factories like Lucky Town. Of course, the legal challenges of brewing in Mississippi are just the tip of the iceberg for a new brewery. There are major financial hurdles to tackle as well.

The first step was launching a Kickstarter page which met with resounding success. That funding allowed for the purchase of the aforementioned tank which will be installed at the Back Forty Beer Company in Gadsden, AL. Back Forty, makers of the award-winning Truck Stop Honey Brown, will serve as a contract brewer for Lucky Town while they continue searching for funding sources.*

*In that vein, if you’d like to get in on the ground floor of the 2nd craft brewery in Mississippi, now’s your chance! E-mail Lucas ( or Chip ( for more info.

Over time, Lucky Town will purchase additional tanks to increase their production capacity at Back Forty. Those tanks will then be moved to the Lucky Town brewery back in Mississippi after it’s built. Pretty impressive for a group of friends who were simply avid homebrewers just a few short months ago.

*I love how often you hear this story today. Some buddies with a passion for homebrewing decide to take the plunge and start a production facility. They may not get rich, but they’ll be doing something they love. If you’re interested in jumping into homebrewing, there are tons of great, affordable kits available from places like Northern Brewer. Or if you want something even cheaper and easier, you can always fire up a Mr. Beer kit and one of their dozens of Mr. Beer brew pack refills.

Lucky Town has also signed distribution deals with three Mississippi wholesalers. Their beers will be available from the Jackson area to the Gulf Coast later this year with a statewide expansion happening in early 2013.

Finally, the brewery has some pretty sweet swag for sale. In addition to T-shirts, stickers and coozies, they created some gorgeous, high-end growlers which you can see in the picture above. Supplies are limited, so if you’re interested, head to Hops & Habanas in Madison, MS to pick one up (call ahead to make sure they’re still in stock…601-853-7449).

One thought on “LUCKY TOWN UPDATE

  1. It’s funny to consider it, but I think nothing of helping to fund a brewery project on Kickstarter when I may never even taste any of their beers. Even after Lucky Town gets going, who knows if I’ll ever have any, but still I was happy to chip in a few bucks. I don’t think there’s any other field besides craft beer that would motivate me to do that.

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