That’s Chris at the Falling Rock in Denver. Good man. After cracking into a Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig, Chris let us sample an as-yet unreleased sour from Russian River brewed in honor of the 25th anniversary of San Fran’s killer taproom, the Toronado. We also sampled some great local suds recommended by Chris and were regaled with some wonderful stories about some big-name beer figures like Keith Villa and Don Younger.

After rolling out of Falling Rock, we hit up Strange Brewing on Zuni Ave….


Strange serves up some strange brews, you hoser! We loved the honey/coffee stout, dark farmhouse, and utterly unique cherry kriek (tasted like cinnamon-infused apple pie). Nothing bland at Strange.

We then wandered over to Great Divide (after a pit-stop at a shawarma stand for Doc who had an afternoon flight)…


Great Divide had their usual line-up (plus a session-strength small beer called the Baby Yeti). Great atmosphere and great beer as always.

Doc departed to catch a flight, so the Cap’n and I hit up Breckenridge for lunch and grabbed some Nitro IPAs (mmm…creamy) and a sample of a bourbon-barrel aged ESB.


With Doc on his way back to Boston, the Cap’n and I wandered over to Wynkoop…the legendary brewpub founded by former Denver mayor, John Hickenlooper. I sampled a great Imperial Red and the Cap’n snagged an “interesting” Chili beer.


After departing Wynkoop, the Cap’n and I wandered a bit to explore Denver. We made a few purchases at Argonaut (don’t worry, Lamar…there’s a bottle in there for you), and then grabbed some local sours at the Cheeky Monk Belgian Cafe.

Off to Freshcraft, then likely a return trip to the Falling Rock.

Viva Denver! Viva Colorado!

5 thoughts on “DRUNK IN DENVER

  1. Sad I had to miss the rest of the afternoon. I managed to grab one more of those delicious Alpine-New Belgium IPA colabs at the airport but had to switch to vodka on the plane (because they had shock top and becks, assholes).

    Real happy that you guys are half way through another debaucheros night while I’m only halfway home, halfway across the country. Enjoy guys, always a pleasure


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