A funny thing happened on the way to Boulder. We continued our epic quest to hit up as many breweries as possible.

After rolling out of Ft. Collins, we went straight to Loveland for some delicious brews at Grimm Brothers. Then it was on to Longmont to visit Left Hand on the mighty St. Vrain. We cracked into some Nitro Milk Stout, Wake the Dead and cask-conditioned Sawtooth. Delicious.

Then it was off to Oskar Blues…


OB has been an Aleheads fave for years. We plowed through roughly a metric ton of free peanuts, plus some One Nut Brown, Dave’s Pale Ale (Note: Not Dale’s), and Nitro Deviant Dale’s. Holy crap, the latter was ridiculous.

Finally, we hit the Diagonal Highway and landed at Avery in Boulder…


Avery served us up some excellent sours including the Eremita IV and a dark sour called Ross’s Mom (plus a sweet Cascade/Centennial dry-hopped IPA). Loved the Avery brews, but now we’re heading to Pearl Street!

8 thoughts on “IT’S A LONG WAY TO BOULDER

  1. deviant dale’s is insane! Had it at Saraveza’s IIPA fest in PDX this summer. Oskar Blues makes great beers and does not get the respect it deserves.

  2. What an excellent trip, and great write-up. I hope you guys were sober enough to catch some of the big bike race today.

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