So, we went to more breweries today. These included Funkwerks, New Belgium, and a little place called Pateros Creek Brewing Co. Man did we had some fun. While the 90 minute New Belgium tour was a tad cheesy , we at least got to pour our own beers and tasted a bunch of cool stuff. Plus, the tap room had a ton of Lips of Faith stuff.


Funkwerks was really freakin’ cool. Basically all Saisons, great twists on the style, and a fun atmosphere.


Pateros Creek was fantastic. Met Steve the owner, tasted great beers including a ridiculous coconut porter and a delicious kolsch. Great time.


We’ll add more later. Loving Fort Collins. Thanks to the Beverage Business Institute for being so hospitable. Would never have found Equinox Brewing without the help of our new friend Napa of Beer Girl (god I hope I got that right).

Cheers for now. More updates tomorrow.

– Dr. Ripped Van Drinkale III

17 thoughts on “MORE OF FORT COLLINS

    1. As a proud CSU RAM, class of 2001, and frequent visitor during my time in Beer Collins (there is no damn fort) to it’s many breweries, brewpubs, etc. I applaud you for giving the most underrated beer crazy city in the USA it’s due. I am heading back for the first time since I graduated and left in December 2001 this coming October and I can’t freaking wait!!!

      A couple of suggestions, go try the Total Disorder Porter at CB & Potts, we loved that stuff in college even though the brewpub is no big deal, and most definitely go to Coopersmith’s in Old Town. Ask for a Franklin’s Tower (I think that’s what it was called), it is a blend of their Punjabi IPA and something else.

      Cheers fellas. Enjoy.

      1. Obviously you have not been back since you were in college (over 10 years ago) if you think Potts and Coops are the best beers. Werent they the only they 2 of 4 breweries back then? Times have changed, and many more (better) breweries have entered the scene. If you need a tour guide when you come back, let me know! 🙂

          1. They were. I recall some crazy Thursday (?) nights at Linden’s when they did $1 beers

          1. Well, I am excited for your visit, so you can see how the beer-scape has changed. 🙂 The location of Lindens has had a slew of bars that are constantly being shut down for various liquor violations, and Funkwerks is in the old HC Berger/FCB building

          2. Sweet! Is the East Coast still in business? Trailhead? Steakout? We will be there for Homecoming weekend, I think it’s October 5-7. Cannot wait!

          3. Yes all three of those are still around. Plus a few new ones. Luscious Nectar across the street from EC serves alcoholic smoothies. As for beer bars, The Forge Publick House, Tap and Handle and The Mayor of Old Town have all opened up in the last year with great tap line ups

  1. I love Fort Collins! If you have the opportunity, go to The Mayor. One of the best beer bars I have been to. We went through about a month ago and there was a lot of construction, which was off putting, but definitely worth navigating. They do 4 oz $2 tasters of 100 beers on tap! Not only did we try things we would never have had the opportunity to, but things we may have overlooked at a bottle shop (Peach Berliner Weiss from Crabtree? Yes, please!) The bill at the end was ridiculously reasonable. Also, if you have the opportunity to check out bottle shops, Wilburs is a perennial favorite. People are citing drunkenness in this post? That seems a good indication that you are just enjoying one of my favorite beer cities to it’s fullest! Cheers!

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