I spent last week eating lobster rolls on Cape Cod with Smiley Brown and our various daughters and wives. There will soon be a number of posts about the beers consumed on said vacation (Spoiler Alert: Kate the Great, Black Tuesday, and a nearly 60-year-old bottle of Ballantine Burton all made an appearance thanks to Mr. Brown’s epic beer cellar).

While the week was delightful and highly beer-centric, it did force me to miss one of the most exciting days in Alabama craft beer history. On August 1st, Alabama celebrated “Bomber Day”. Up until last Wednesday, Alabama was the only state in the nation in which you couldn’t legally purchase a 22-ounce or 750-ml bottle of craft beer. But thanks to the tireless efforts of Free the Hops, the law was changed in May and went into effect on the 1st. Alabama’s Aleheads stormed their local package stores to buy up the big beers, but due to my vacation, I missed the festivities. I know, I know…cry me a river.

We got back late Saturday night, so as soon as noon rolled around the next day (no alcohol sales in Jefferson County until noon on Sunday), I hit up the grocery store and snapped up the above line-up of bombers. Granted, there’s nothing in there to get your panties in a wad about, but it’s the principle that matters. Last night, I cracked into my first bomber of beer that I legally purchased in Alabama.

It tasted like victory.

14 thoughts on “BOMBER DAY

  1. twas a fine bomber day, indeed. i ended up buying 15 bottles. it was exciting to see all the new stuff from jester king, clown shoes, stillwater, westbrook, and evil twin in bham. founders 750’s were awesome as well.

  2. Scoring a Frangelic Brown seems pretty good, considering you were absent during the initial rush… Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with a Ballantine Burton bottled the same year the hula hoop debuted.

  3. Has anyone tried the frangelic mountain brown? Seems to not have the same buzz as the last few backstage series releases.

    1. It’s solid. I’m not a big coffee person, but it’s got a huge coffee component, and it’s a lighter, hazelnutty coffee rather than the big roast/bitter coffee you usually see in Founders dark beers… Definitely worth a shot, but it’s not anywhere near the level of, say, KBS or CBS. Perhaps if they barrel aged it…

    2. I had it tonight. It’s essentially a bottle of Nutella with alcohol. I wouldn’t even call it beer.

      That being said, Nutella with alcohol is absolutely delicious.

    1. I’m afraid that’s a secret I’ll be taking to my grave. Some things are best left unsaid…

      Seriously though, it was the Great Divide 18th Anniversary. I bought the bombers warm and I figured that was the one that needed the least amount of chilling before consumption. It got about 8 minutes in the fridge before I broke down and cracked it open.

      1. Right on. I’d actually say out of that group that the Espresso Yeti needed the least amount of chilling, but it’s all good either way. Also, “warm” shelf temp depends on your store. Pig Homewood has all the bombers sandwiched between two cold boxes, so they are awfully cool on the shelf even though they are not officially refrigerated.

        1. That was my other option, but I needed an Imperial Stout break after last week. Plus the 18th Anniversary isn’t exactly a hop-bomb.

          These were from the Mt. Brook Western. Room temp at best.

  4. I think I have spent over $150 on bombers since last Wednesday. Very exciting to get hold of these beers. I have the 18th Anniversary in the Basement to try this week, and was very impressed with Cahaba’s Imperial Rye Stout.

  5. Congrats on the big bottles , you should have a choice. That said you can now pay $40-$75 per six pack . Spend more get less , capitalism is a wonderful thing ; )

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