I always have plenty of love for Warrenville, Illinois’ Two Brothers, given that they’re the closest major craft brewer to my hometown. As long as I’m not talking about their website or their event-planning, you’re typically reading something positive. That is not about to change here.

Outlaw is Two Brothers’ first canned offering, an American IPA that may or may not be the first step in a whole line of canned beers. I haven’t heard anything about whether future cans will follow, or if the Bros are just using this product rollout to judge consumer response. Regardless, I think they’ve chosen an excellent brew to be their first craft beer in a can, because Outlaw is one of my new favorite year-round brewery offerings. Actually, it might shoot up all the way to the top of my favorite Two Brothers’ beers.

Two Brothers Outlaw IPA

NOTES:  12 oz can poured into a tulip glass. This was a great value, because I found it for $7.99 at a discount store in the south burbs. Also, I love this can design.

ABV: 6.5%, American IPA.

APPEARANCE: Orange and vibrant, like wildflower honey, a little cloudy with half an inch of white foam.

AROMA: Very floral and a little sweet, also reminiscent of honey. There’s a little bit of fresh fruitiness I can’t identify. Apricot? Kiwi? Very flowery and refreshing.

TASTE: Extraordinarily well balanced. The bitterness is there, and a bit of orange flavor. Hops are flowery and somewhat “green” tasting. Definitely doesn’t have the piney west coast thing going on at all. Light to medium caramel. Everything is just in harmony. Very refreshing.

MOUTHFEEL: Light to medium.

DRINKABILITY: Extremely high. This would be great outdoors beer.

OVERALL: 3.5 hops. I could almost use the word “revelation” to describe this beer. After so many supercharged IPAs, this is something that really stands out for doing something different and doing it really well. I’ve had plenty of American IPAs before that have characters other than the typical pine/citrus bombs, but this one makes a floral profile very appealing. I would love to try some more hoppy beers in this vein. A superior, balanced IPA.


  1. They just announced a limited canning of Cane and Ebel. Bring the cans on; time to dismantle the myth that canned beer doesn’t taste good.

  2. “because I found it for $7.99 at a discount store in the south burbs.” You must be referring to Kenwood Liquors. God’s greatest business gift to Homer Glen! I’ll have to pick up a case when I’m back home visiting the parents. These type of fruity, summer IPA’s are my favorite. Great post and description of this beer.

  3. Red Hare Brewing (Marietta, GA) just had their first canning run — Long Day Lager, Keep an eye out for it — you won’t be disappointed.

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