Received this email from Doc just now… if you’re in the nation’s capitol, go buy him a beer (or at least a 4-ounce pour). In related news, tell us what you’re drinking tonight.


From: Ripped Van Drinkale
To: Everyone
Is it wrong to hang out at Church Key in DC all by yourself while you’re waiting for friends to come to town?  I didn’t think so either. Glad we’re clear on that. Started off with some collaboration from Mikellar and Stillwater called Two Gypsies – Our side. Fine Saison for a humid-as-fuck day. Now I’m getting into some 4-oz pours. Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald (for Kid) and Mikellar 19. Pretty much everything they have on draught is some one-off or collaboration between breweries. I’m in love.
So Alehead Nation, what are you drinking tonight?
Who, me? Deviant Dale’s and Rayon Vert. Thanks for asking. You are so goddamn thoughtful.
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  1. I appreciate you drinking one of the best porters in the world for me, Doc. I assume you didn’t mind doing it.

    So far, I’m drinking some Capital Supper Club (pre-prohibition lager) and my first-ever Green Flash Palate Wrecker. Finally! The aroma of this beer is freaking incredible.

  2. I stocked up for the weekend. I started with the Sixpoint Resin, which I find totally middle of the road for the style (DIPA-ish). I moved on to the Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, which I remember loving but now just find boozy and brown. Next up: Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro. I did once have the Milk Stout on a nitro tap. I have no idea what makes it “nitro” in a bottle. We’ll see. If I’m still thirtsy, I’ll probably move to the Ommegang BPA.

  3. Drinking Huma-Lupa-Lishious from Shorts .after repairing tire for 4 Kirby door to door sales persons. On tap @ my shop they all had a round too except the driver

    Yea I thought door to door sales were X-stink!


  4. It seems like every beer I drink, and particularly every beer in my cupboard, is one I need to review, write about, or otherwise form an opinion on. Last night I just wanted to get loaded. Hello Sierra Nevada Torpedo! Goodbye, working week…

  5. Huh, must have missed this last night. I had a Flying Mouflan last night (like Nugget Nectar, only moreso), along with Blue Point’s White IPA (surprisingly good!). Tonight, I’ve got this crazy New Zealand IPA called Hopwired, which is a nice change of pace. Citrusy and floral, but distinct from typical American IPAs. Not mind blowing, but very nice. I’ll probably crack open something bigger as the night goes on. I’m thinking of a Fegley’s Brewworks Bourbon Barrel Aged Insidious stout…

  6. Wait. A tire repair shop that pours craft beer ? I need to get more flats. Don’t get Shorts in Atlanta but Huma-Lupa-Lishious sounds pretty good…I settled for an Exit 4 from Flying Fish, a Breakfast Stout from Founders and topped it off with a splash of Makers in honor of the Derby…

    1. Only a tire shop at that moment in time. It’s just my personal shop at my residents. Got 3 taps’s my bar so I don’t need to drive anywhere .
      Weird nite a bit slushy next day, nothing a couple palate wreckers couldn’t fix

  7. Kid, I remember you gushing about the Edmund Fitzgerald a ways back. You are absolutely spot on – One of the best porters I’ve ever come across. Also the first beer I’ve had from Great Lakes since I can’t get them out my way.

    1. I didn’t realize that you had never had it before. And yeah, it’s pretty great. For a relatively “simple” beer style, it would be hard to do better.

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