A few weeks back, Maxwell Arndt, co-founder of Swag Brewery asked if the Aleheads would mind helping him get the word out about his new venture. We get a lot of requests like this which is mildly amusing to those of us who remember when 10 hits a day on our site was a big deal.*

*Now we get more like 12 hits a day. Suck it, Google!

Anyways, I usually turn such requests down. We’re a little too self-righteous to serve as a PR machine for other companies and to be honest, why would any business really want to align themselves with us?

Nevertheless, Max persevered and eventually I caved. Swag is carving out a fascinating niche in the craft beer world and I think the existence of his company is pretty convincing evidence that craft has truly “made it”.*

*As if the existence of 2,000 American craft breweries wasn’t evidence enough.

You see, Swag Brewery is NOT a brewery at all. It’s a “beer outfitter”. Essentially, Max & Co. looked at the exploding craft world and said “other hobbyists like golfers and fishermen have outfitters, so why not craft beer?”

Swag sells hop-flavored beer candy, educational beer art, and craft beer-infused soaps amongst other beer-related items. If you’ve got an Alehead in your life and you’re petrified of attempting to buy them beer (seriously, it’s not worth the effort), then Swag is a great alternative.

Check out their site if you’re interested. And if you see something that strikes your fancy, Max has promised a 10% discount to our readers. Monitor out Twitter account for that discount code.


  1. Someone gave me some New Belgium Ranger IPA soap that is currently in my shower. It smells pretty good, although I’m not sure it smells like beer. More like “soap.”

  2. Maybe they could send some to Beeradvocate, wash all that sanctimonious arbitrary crap off of Todd & Candice and the brown nosers who defend their b.s.

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