The boys are back on a historic day in the craft beer revolution as New Belgium finally commits to North Carolina. Then they get drunk and talk about a bunch of really interesting stuff. If you like beer, that is. Stuff like:

☞ New Belgium cements Asheville’s reputation as Beer City USA

☞ Austin Beer Fest is the worst beer fest since Jay Chandrasekhar’s ’06 vehicle Beerfest

☞ Boston Beer Company drops a shandy (not a euphemism)

☞ Heineken officially out of ideas; Launches “Ideas Brewery”

☞ Lagunitas founder Tony Magee has a  250 bbl brewhouse in the pipeline, and possibly some sticky-icky-icky in his pipe


☞ Was Brewmasters really so bad that we can’t have a decent beer show on TV? WTF, people?

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  1. When I saw this blog title, I thought Slouch had kicked in Win Basset’s door and threatened his family until he consented to give another interview.

  2. All Beers Considered drinking game!

    Play along at home with the podcast, and down three fingers of your chosen malt-forward beverage when you hear:-

    – Any mention of Tenth and Blake
    – A beer bottle being opened
    – Alabama legislation discussed
    – Barley speak for five straight minutes, Slouch respond with an ‘uh-huh’
    – Topical beer item borrowed from Beerpulse
    – Mention of an obscure Alehead you’ve never heard of – e.g. Colonel Wort Spargearm
    – Asheville is mentioned as the ‘new Portland’
    – The wisdom of the three-tier system debated
    – Slouch slurs through the word ‘incentivization’

    Every time someone says the words ‘big beer’ – all drinks have to be downed immediately

    1. I like it. Also drink when:

      -Barley starts the podcast by apologizing for a lengthy absence, blaming his children, and promising to do better in the future

      -Either host uses the terms “nascent” “movement” or “parent network”

      -Barley lamely attempts to defend Sam Adams

      If during the “what are you drinking?” segment anyone is drinking something under 7% ABV, drinks must be downed immediately. This has never happened.

      But I must say, Col Spargearm is absolutely bristling at your suggestion that he is obscure. And the Colonel does *not* forget such slights.

      1. I continue to bristle! How would you like it if I came over there to that side of the pond and obscured your features, eh? I haven’t met a Briton yet that I couldn’t best in fisticuffs!

  3. Anderson Valley Barney Flats is awesome. This is a statement of fact. Super solid beer.

    That Austin beer festival…oh dear. Oh, DEAR. If it had been that festival I was attending before I wrote my “How Not to Run a Beer Fest” piece, the wordcount probably would have been multiplied tenfold. I can’t even believe half of the stuff I’m reading about how badly this thing was run.

    Likewise, the organizers blamed so many of the problems on others, when plenty of the issues they had direct control over. I very much doubt it was someone else’s fault that they apparently had three gigantic, unlabeled lines to get into the festival for holders of different kinds of tickets, or advertised a “sample ticket” system that didn’t even exist once people showed up at the event.

    I may have to write some other general kind of post about beer fests, if I can get more thoughts inspired by this all into a legible screed.

  4. “Craft beer – not just a drink, more of a lifestyle” [Slouch Sixpack] – I’m going to get that printed on a t-shirt.

    You know, I actually wrote that drinking game list before I listened to this ABC – holy moly. We had Asheville, Alabama legislation, Tenth & Blake, Beerpulse, plenty of Barley, and Slouch have a stab at ‘Craft Brewers Association’ whilst pounding the Nugget Nectar. I call House!

    Serious question – is everyone in Asheville keen to suckle at the craft beer teat? Over here politicians and healthcare workers are wringing their hands over the ‘destructiveness’ of alcohol on the nation. I’d love to live in a small town with a dozen breweries, but are there any dissenting voices in North Carolina, or does no-one care about the children?

    1. Rich,
      It’s an interesting quesion. I’m sure there are at least some folks in Asheville who aren’t thrilled anout the prospect of two, massive booze-peddlars opening up shop next door. In Alabama, any time a law is proposed which involves easing restrictions on alcohol, there’s a vocal segment of the evangelical movement which immediately decries it.

      Asheville, despite being south of the Mason-Dixon line, is a VERY progressive little town. It’s like a tiny Vermont nestled in the foothills of North Carolina. Generally, in the States, when you’re talking about very liberal cities like San Francisco, Portland, Asheville or Boston, something like the promotion of craft beer will not be seen as controversial. The kinds of arguments you’re seeing in the UK absolutely exist here, but mostly in more conservative regions like the Deep South, Texas and Utah.

      So yes, I’m sure Ashevillians care about the children…they’re just informed enough to know that the growth of craft beer in their town will have zero negative impact on said children. In Alabama, one of the key arguments against raising the allowable ABV of beer in the state was that DUIs would skyrocket. After the Gourmet Beer Bill passed, the number of DUIs actually went down. Go figure.


      1. Rich, in your game how much do you have to drink if during the episode Slouch correctly predicts one of the biggest craft news stories of the year just days before it’s announced? A lot, right?

        1. Oh I should think so – proceed directly to Go and imbibe $200…

          (did Heineken take you up on that idea??)

  5. Would it be a bad thing to play this ABC drinking game on my commute to work, which is when I typically listen on Stitcher?
    Seriously, Barley. Stop blaming your kids. The blame obviously goes to your wife and your team of servants. Chop chop!

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