ST LOUIS, MI- In the wake of the successful launch of their latest innovation, Bud Light Platinum, Anheuser-Busch InBev has announced an even more impressive release, a limited edition, barrel-aged version of Bud Light Platinum that has spent 6 months mellowing in casks of the world’s most popular brand of liquor, Jagermeister. This new product, which in internal AB InBev memos has been described as a “craft beer killer with a powerful punch…like King Hippo” will be on shelves by summertime.

AB InBev’s Strategic Parnerships spokesman, Robert A. Bouie, describes this collaboration beer with great enthusiasm:

Along with our good friends at Jagermeister, we are proud to announce the first of many collaborative beers with the launch of Bud Light Platinum: Oaked Edition. This is what we like to call an “extreme remix beer,” which features the superior drinkability that consumers have come to expect from Bud Light Platinum mixed with the complex herbal flavors and oak notes that are the hallmark of that great “Jager” taste. Market research shows that Bud Light Platinum drinkers also like to responsibly enjoy the rich, smooth taste of Jagermeister, so we view this partnership as a natural extension of both of our brands that will keep fans talking and social media buzzing. We feel that the authenticity of this beer experience will push this limited release to become one of the best sellers of the summer. We also believe that it may convert a few craft beer drinkers. After all, it is barrel-aged, a trend which attracts the hippest segment of the 21-35 year-old male craft beer-drinking demographic.

For promotion, Bouie plans on tapping into the MMA and nightclub markets for strategic placement. He explains:

We plan on sponsoring exclusive mixed martial arts events over the summer, to build upon the existing brand equity of both the Bud Light Platinum and Jagermeister names. Research shows that Bud Light Platinum drinkers are active spectators of MMA events and buy a lot of MMA-branded merchandise, such as Affliction T-shirts, so the potential synergy would be a natural extension of the Bud Light Platinum and Jagermeister brands. We also plan on hosting exclusive nightclub events to inform local influencers that there is a new, “remixed” beer on the scene. We’ll have the hottest house music DJs and doormen talking about Bud Light Platinum: Oaked Edition long before it hits the streets, so the buzz and anticipation will be exceptionally high for the product rollout.

Bouie continued:

We feel that we have developed a strong product that has the potential to bring a lot of craft beer drinkers over to Bud Light. It has the same rich, lager taste of Bud Light Platinum, but it’s barrel aged! If our market research has revealed anything about craft beer drinkers it is that they are 79.6% more likely to try a new product if it has had time to develop complexity and depth in a barrel of some sort. This new Bud Light Platinum: Oaked Edition is the sort of beer that true beer drinkers can enjoy responsibly and tell all of their beer-loving friends about.

AB InBev is planning a Memorial Day launch for the product with an extensive advertising campaign featuring Jason Statham and Megan Fox and the music of Skrillex.


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