Akron Beacon Journal beer writer Rick Armon stops by the podcast to discuss his new book Ohio Breweries. The latest in the popular Stackpole Series, Rick visited 49 breweries and brewpubs in the Buckeye State in less than 5 months and lived to tell the tale! He dishes about Ohio breweries familiar to all Aleheads like Great Lakes, Fatheads, and Hoppin’ Frog, and reveals some of his favorite small breweries in the state that may soon become familiar names like Indigo Imp, Jackie O’s, and Mt. Carmel.

A lively conversation that gives a glimpse into the great things Ohio has to offer for beer lovers.

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  1. 400 beers in 4 months while holding down a full time job!!?? (Slow clap) Tried some Hoppin’ Frog recently and was very impressed. If I ever have the opportunity to visit Ohio it is good to know that finding decent beer won’t be an issue.

  2. Gotta tell ya Slouch, I think I’m switching my affiliation to Lagerheads. Did you know they have pulled pork and ribs? Last time I checked, Aleheads has no such thing. They may be our natural enemy, but my stomach has no bounds.

    Also, I love the Sam Adams logo in the middle of the Ohio Breweries book. I always forget about the Cincinnati brewery hub.

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