Slouch and Barley catch you up on all the week’s news in the world of craft beer, including:

➮ Lagunitas looking to decommoditize malted barley by working directly with Canadian farmers

➮ AB Marketing VP suggests sticking craft beer with wine. The Aleheads have another idea where he can stick it.

➮ Just a man and his barrels- a look at Goose Island’s John Laffler.

➮ Freetail’s Scott Metzger issues a call for chefs to reform their beer lists.

➮ Grow hops for your local brewery.

➮ Gene Simmons invites Aleheads to Lick It Up at his new craft beer joint.

And yes, due to overwhelming listener demand, Slouch is fairly inebriated by the middle of the episode.

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  1. That AB VP makes a good point. I do love a good chocolate bock but I’d prefer to see Bud Light in 15 different sizes taking up space in the cold box. It’s just good business. Fucking asshole.

  2. Ha, Rock N Brews is one of my locals. That place has been printing money since it opened and they have been renovating it for the past 2 months. The decor is douchey to the 10th power, but it is one of the best beer lists in all of LA! I hate KISS, but I love beer. What should I do?

      1. Maybe I can ask Gene himself what the deeper meaning is behind “Love Gun.” Such a cryptic number.

        1. You guys are so naive. He’s clearly referring to his index finger. If positioned properly, the index finger can be extended so at to resemble a gun (with the thumb standing in for a sort of reverse trigger). Said finger gun can then be pointed at members of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you’re a 5 or 6 on the Kinsey Scale). One can then declare your “love” for those individuals by “pulling” the thumb trigger.

          I myself shoot Wifey McHops with a Love Gun at least twice a day.

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