A few months back we highlighted the Lucky Town Brewing Company and their quest to bring craft beer to Mississippi, a state with only one existing brewery. You craft beer lovers out there responded with your livers and your wallets and through, Lucky Town was able to raise more money than any other referral site. Thank you all.

Overall, the Kickstarter campaign has been going well, and Lucky Town has so far raised over 75% of their goal. They are still short though, and with just days left, the chance for Mississippi to have a new craft brewery, cranking out beers such as Jalapeno Smoked Stout, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Stout, The Flare Incident, and Hop Fiasco, is drawing to a close. We at Aleheads want everyone out there to be able to experience local craft beer, and we want the great state of Mississippi to have alternatives to Lazy Magnolia (an admittedly wonderful brewery), and the alpaca sweat that ABInBev tries to pass off as beer.

To help Lucky Town make history and to help Aleheads and would-be Aleheads who have not yet discovered the wonderful world of independent craft beer, we hereby declare the next 5 days as the first official:

Aleheads Ale-a-Thon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Sally Struthers.


Hello caring people, and how are we today?

(more applause)

I am here today because there is something wrong that is going on, that is going on right here in this country! Some of you might not be aware of it, but it happens every day. I’m talking about the people in Mississippi, good people who work hard all day but go to bed at night without craft beer in their stomachs. These people barely even know that craft beer exists, that there is a wonderful world out there beyond the pale lagers and light beers that major brewers force upon us.

You, yes you can help bring craft beer to the people.

I spoke to a man the other day, Jimbo was his name, and I said, I said “Jimbo, what are you drinking tonight?” And you know what Jimbo said? Jimbo told me that he was going to be drinking Budweiser, Budweiser.

(collective gasp)

I said “Jimbo, Jimbo I want to help you. Where I am from, people brew beer independently, without corporate influence and without the use of rice. Jimbo, where I am from, the DIPAs flow freely and the bourbon-aged imperial stouts make people line up for hours. Where I come from they have beers that are 10 percent ABV, even 18 percent ABV, and you can drink it fresh, fresh from the brewery! The hops have names like Summit, and Citra, and the beers can be so bitter that they break the IBU scale. You see Jimbo, in states like California, Oregon and Illinois and many others, people can brew craft beer to their hearts content. Places where you can homebrew freely and buy beer on Sundays. Places that don’t limit you to a certain low ABV!”

And then do you know what Jimbo said to me?

Jimbo said “Sally, I am just an average man who lives in Mississippi, but I want to be part of this world! I (sniff) want…to… be…part…of…this…world!”

Then Jimbo started crying, people. He started crying right there.

Now people, who out there thinks that Jimbo should be able to enjoy craft beer brewed right there in his home state? Who thinks that Jimbo deserves this?


Who out there wants to help Jimbo discover a new world of real beer, a world where people laugh at labels that turn blue and “Platinum” versions of mediocre products are shunned and ridiculed? A place where drunk idiots gather on a website to argue about which IPA is superior, or ask brewers nerdy questions through slurred words? A place where you can collect growlers and make friends with the local brewer? Who wants to help Jimbo be able to drink his first barrel aged sour?

(enthusiastic applause)

I’m glad you feel that way. For just pennies a day, you can help Jimbo live in a world where local craft beer exists. For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can help our friends at Lucky Town Brewing Company open their brewery in Gluckstadt, MS and stimulate the local economy. You can help them open their brewing facility so that they can give people like Jimbo the craft beer that he deserves and help the state of Mississippi rediscover real beer. All you need to do is go to their Kickstarter page and give what you can.

These good people even have a Facebook page and a Twitter page so that you folks can learn about what they are going.


Thank you all, remember to give till it hurts. Do it for Jimbo, do it for Mississippi.


  1. It helps if you play some Sarah McLaughlin in the background and imagine their poor, craft beer deprived faces.

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