Our long national nightmare is over.

I hesitated to post about this last week, but what the hell. As the guy who named Weyerbacher as having the most egregiously horrible beer labels in the craft beer world, I figure I owe them a shout-out for finally redesigning their old logo which was about as drab and ugly as any out there.

This new logo is nothing to write home about, but it’s a thousand times better than the old one. Sure, other than the Blithering Idiot, Weyerbacher doesn’t really have a “jester” theme worth highlighting in the label. And yes, the color scheme is a little garish. Also, I’m not sure why they painted Grand Moff Tarkin with pancake make-up and asked him to leer at you with his cold, dead eyes. But whatever…it appears that Weyerbacher hired an actual graphic designer to create this thing rather than a 3rd grader with a 25-year-old copy of Printshop and for that we should be thankful. Hell, I don’t even think that font comes standard with Word!

So kudos to Weyerbacher for realizing the error of their ways and coming up with something that doesn’t make you cringe every time you walk past it in the package store. Also, here’s where I should point out (again) that I love Weyerbacher’s beers and that you should buy their products regardless of what their labels look like. While a cool label is fun to look at, ultimately all that matters is what’s inside the bottle…and THAT’S where Weyerbacher really shines.

3 thoughts on “FINALLY…

  1. The Jester shows up in some other places, namely their merchandise, but in any case, yeah, this was a much needed logo redesign. God that old thing was just awful – as beerbecue mentions, it looked an awful lot like an underlined comic sans (and in the age of the internet, underlining anything but a link is in poor taste).

    Now if we can just get Russian River to stop using comic sans on their bottles… (though granted, they don’t use it for their logo or their beer names and I think most of the art on their bottles is tasteful and interesting and cohesive – it’s just that reading the blurbs on there always bothers me because of the comic sans)…

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