Former Goose Island brewmaster and craft beer pioneer Greg Hall stops by to discuss Virtue Cider– his latest venture to produce heirloom apple ciders with modern craft fermentation and aging techniques. We talk about similarities with the craft cider movement to craft beer in the early 90’s, the development of Virtue’s first offering dubbed “RedStreak”, the way cider is viewed in the US and Europe, Big Beer dollars getting into craft cider, and much more. A great conversation with one of the most important and knowledgeable beer and cider makers in the world…

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  1. Slouch, this was probably your best interview yet. Really nice job. And thanks to Greg for the appearance! Can’t wait to try some of that cider.

  2. Greg. Crispin is fermented with 100% fermented unpasteurized fresh-pressed apple juice as you know. Fox Barrel is fermented with 100% fermented unpasteurized fresh-pressed pear juice.

    The use of apple or pear juice concentrated is focused on back-sweetening as opposed to using sugar. We feel that this adds to the natural apple or pear nose, vs standard sugar.

    As the pioneers of novel yeast fermentation – we’re pretty proud of what we’ve don and there are some interesting complexities imparted by different yeast strains.

    Looking forward to the Streak. I think it’s appropriate to name your first cider after streaking.

    Be well. Make great cider.

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