Usually when you think of beer and marine life in the same sentence, it’s when you’re craving some beer-battered fish and chips (mmm). But thanks to some environmentally-conscious folks at Birmingham Southern College’s Southern Environmental Center, beer will actually be used to help SAVE fish. Imagine!

The Watercress Darter, a tiny, beautifully-colored fish indigenous to Jefferson County, Alabama is endangered thanks to the state’s notoriously poor environmental stewardship. In order to raise awarness of the plight of this local creature, the Southern Environmental Center is working with local suds-supplier, Good People Brewing, to produce a limited-edition “Darter” beer with proceeds being used to help save the fish. Environmental activist and friend-of-the-site, Ms. Y asked Aleheads to give a shout-out to these efforts…so here you go!

We’ll let you know when the brew is released so you can snap up a few cans. I know it’s a lot to ask of people to drink cans of tasty beer in order to save a local treasure, but our readers are nothing if not magnanimous.*

*Note: The above can design is just a first draft and is NOT the approved final label. It was designed by Brett Forsyth of Yellowhammer.

14 thoughts on “DRINK FOR DARTERS

  1. I have a feeling our resident biologists Humulus Hordeum or Lady Jay will have something interesting to say about Etheostoma Nuchale.

    But me, I only know beer. What kind of beer is it?

  2. Darters aren’t marine! They are freshwater.

    I hope it’s not a Fin-ish beer, but I know it will be full of hops off the shoal rocks.

  3. A porgy porter?

    Apparently, the city of Birmingham killed over 1,000 of these guys in 2008 when they drained a pond to keep it from flooding a tennis court. They’re only found in four places in the county. High five, Alabama.

    1. BMc
      Stop hating on Bama. Our fish and wild life population is one of the largest and most healthy in the 48. No 3 mile island, Montana mines , or CWD. WE HAVE MORE SPECIES OF FRESHWATER FISH THAN ANY STATE IN THE UNION.

      The Cahaba is the longest undammed river in the states.

      Our post big industry record is pretty damn good. Are a few city emploees in an isolated incindent really reflective of the state.

      Im starting to hum DIXIE and have a glass of white zin

  4. Bubba,
    I work with a number of environmental groups and they all agree that Alabama is atrocious when it comes to eco-friendliness. We were listed last on the Green Index a number of years ago based on our environmental policies. And yes, we have more species of freshwater fish than any state because we have more inland waterways than any state in the nation (the two kind of go hand in hand). But because of that, we’re one of the 10 most endangered states (in terms of number of endangered species). 4 of our river systems have been listed on American River’s “10 Most Polluted Rivers in America”. And we’re almost always listed as one of the worst states in terms of air pollution and air quality.

    There’s a lot to be proud of here…and in terms of natural resources, few states can match Alabama. But it’s what we do (or, more to the point, DON’T do) to protect those resources that’s the problem.

    Be proud of your state…but don’t let your pride blind you to the myriad of problems that need to be addressed.

    Brother Barley

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