Picture this scenario.  It’s 3PM on a Friday.  You’re still at work, suffering through yet another day of digging ditches or crunching numbers or doing whatever it is you do that keeps your pockets full of pennies and the man off your back.  Maybe you’re thinking you’re in the home stretch, just a couple more hours till’ you spread your wings and fly the coop (For the love of God I hope you’re in the home stretch at 3PM.  Sincere apologies if you’re not).  In this little scenario, you’re probably wondering what you’ll do when you get home.  Perhaps you have to swing by daycare to pick up the kids, possibly grab something for dinner, or maybe just rush off to meet some friends.  Whatever the case may be chances are you’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you to do something, anything, that’s more pleasurable than work.  In my little world, when the clock strikes 3 on Friday afternoon, there’s one singular thought that pops into my head.  What am I drinking tonight?

That shouldn’t sound as sad as it does.  If you read this blog regularly, you know it isn’t sad at all.  When 3 o’clock rolls around I start thinking about beer.  If I’m going out after work, I’ll try to look up the draught list of whatever bar/restaurant I’m going to (Of course, I probably picked that restaurant based on their tap list in the first place so I’m just being redundant).  If I’m heading home, which happens on 50 of the 52 Fridays throughout the year (That should sound as sad as it is), I’ll start thinking about what I have left in the fridge.  Did I knock out the rest of the six packs that I bought last weekend?  Any special bombers left?  Do I have enough for the rest of the weekend?  These are fun questions to ask myself.  Generally, I know there’s not enough in the fridge because there’s never enough beer in the fridge.  With that in mind, I start thinking about which package store I’m heading to.  I’ve got about a 40 minute commute and being that I live just North of Boston, there are 20 different ways to get home (None of them involving a highway or speeds over 15 mph).  I know the good stores, the fair stores, the epic stores, and everything in between.  The hunt excites me.  Maybe I want a vintage Gueuze or some Flemish Sours.  I know the store for that.  How about some local mixed 12 packs and a growler of fresh ale?  Pass by that store too.  Usually, I just go to my favorite store that has a good mix of everything and never disappoints.  Everyone has that store.  Right now, all I can think about is my trip to that store.

Fheww, that was a lot to get off my chest.  I do take comfort knowing that many Aleheads out there start thinking about beer well before 3PM on Fridays. It’s what we do.  So maybe you haven’t made it out of work yet, maybe you haven’t made it to the store, but I do know that you’ve thought about this pending question.  Well, tell me…

What are you drinking tonight?

17 thoughts on “2/10/2012: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, or Bell’s Hopslam, or Bell’s Expedition Stout, or Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale, or Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale, or …. too many decisions!

  2. Can’t decide… Southern Tier Old Man Winter is on clearance, anybody had it? It still seems too early for Troegenator which just popped up here along with a bunch of other bocks.

  3. Pete – I feel your “Pain”. I have many of those beers rolling through my head right now. Can’t decide!

    Brian – Nothing wrong with Tecate, assuming your’re in the right setting. Hopefully you’re either on a beach, at a phenomenal Mexican restaurant, or drinking right now. Either of those things are OK by me.

    Slouch – It’s never too early to bock up. I had a six pack of Troegenator about a week ago and it was just as good as I remembered (Better actually). It’s 55 degrees here in Boston – That’s Spring enough for me

  4. St. Bernardus ABT12, which is my fave, (nearly) every-day beer.
    I also have a bottle of The Abyss that will probably wait for tomorrow, but then again…

  5. OK, men, here is a mind blower!

    Furthermore Brewery, Black River Falls, Wisconsin…yes, some deep woods stuff…an ecumenical mash-up… “that was from the label..I’m not that poetic..”, anyway..it’s a conflagaration of English, American and Belgian style pales… well..what the heck here it the write up.

    MAKEWEIGHT:A Triple Pale Mash-UpAvailability: Limited. ABV: 8.5% Our triple pale is a bastardization of three regionally distinctive recipes that were stacked in unequal measure in order to make a beefy beer which highlights each recipe’s finer points: Esters from a dominant Flanders yeast are reigned-in by cleaner American and London strains; Kent Golding hops provide mild bitterness, giving English and Belgian specialty malts room to breathe; Oregonian hops offer a fragrant nose; Belgian candy sugar boosts the strength of this mash-up to 8.5% ABV.

    It is a mood enhancer for sure! Huston….I am ready for lift-off!

  6. Beer-Miester sounds like he started WELL before 3pm. Do you think he’s talking to Angelica Huston?

    As for me, after two Double Troubles, Wifey and I cracked into the oldest bomber in our beer fridge…a bottle of Highland Imperial Black Mocha Stout from 2008. It’s phenomenal. All of the chocolate/coffee flavors come from roasted barley (no adjuncts in this one) and after nearly four years, the 9.5% ABV might as well not even exist.

    I’ll wrap it up with a Good People Snake Handler as a digestif. Then I’m going out drinking!*

    *Kidding. We have a one-month old. I’ll be in bed by 9pm.

  7. TGIMFF! Nothing special here, and a lot of it. So far a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (personal favorite from SN and an excellent budget friendly option), a delicious and soul-warming Left Hand Milk Stout, and now onto a Centennial IPA, because those bastards just do everything well.

  8. I had a bottle of oak aged La Trappe Quadrupel (batch 3) and an Ommegang Aphrodite. The oak aged Quad was awesome. Aphrodite was decent, but not really my thing…

  9. I want some dogfish head 120min… thanks anonymous …and yes, I try to start early… can’t enjoy the goodness too late at night… just makes me tired.. plus the family gets the benefits of my buzzed jokes… BONUS!

    Last night i had a bottle Black Perle., dark India pale ale.. from J.R. Rockers brewery in Spartanburg, SC…. Totally tasty!!! Not kidding.. ales from the dark side.. Cool melted wax over the top of the bottle.

    “Ninety-minute – Octo-hopped IPA” A must slurp!

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