Gov. Bev Perdue with the spoils of war, via Mountain XPress on Flickr

Unofficial (for now) North Carolina Craft Beer Goodwill Ambassador Win Bassett of ncbrewing.org stops by to discuss the monumental announcement that Sierra Nevada Brewing will be building an east coast production facility just south of Asheville, NC. We discuss the incentive package, the practical and philosophical implications the development might have on local brewing culture, the impending New Belgium announcement, the economic benefits to the region, and more.

We also get into some of the state’s other beer destinations in the Triangle , Charlotte, and Coastal regions, as well as Slouch’s impending hero’s welcome* to visit the state’s myriad breweries and bottleshops.

Also of note: Win has been a leading advocate for getting his local legislators to sign on as sponsors to HR 1236 Small BREW Act. Where do your representative stand on this bill that reduces the tax excise rate for craft breweries that produce less the 60,000 barrels annually? Maybe you should call and ask them!

Click below to stream this episode in your browser:

Click to download the NC Sierra Nevada announcement with Win Bassett

*This probably entails him crashing on Win’s couch.

Photo from Mountain Xpress Flickr Stream. All rights were reserved, but it’s just a great pic.

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  1. I can see how some locals might have concerns about a “big boy” moving to town in the form of Sierra Nevada, but I doubt it could ultimately have anything but positive effects for the overall brewing community. It’s just one more reason for beer geeks to visit Asheville in general. I think you can even argue that the name-brand recognition might bring beer neophytes to town who might not be attracted by the smaller breweries they haven’t heard of. There’s a very good chance, though, that those neophytes who visit will also end up trying some of the other local guys’ brews while they’re in town.

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