For the first time in a long, long time, I am all out of beer.  Well, I’ve still got plenty of vintage stuff and special goodies in the basement that I’m holding onto, but for everyday beer the fridge is completely empty.   To be honest, It’s a refreshing feeling.  No more one-offs from six packs that were less than stellar.  No more bombers of seasonal ales that I know I should have knocked back a few months ago.   Now I’ve got la tabula rasa, a fresh sheet of ice, an empty vessel that’s yearning to be filled with glorious suds from this land and the next.  As I head off to the package store it’s nice to know that I’m not just adding to a stockpile that I know I can’t get through in the weekend.  New day, new weekend, new beer.  Of course, I have no idea what I’ll be drinking tonight until I get to the store.  I know I need some IPA’s, need a porter to get through the snow, need some local New England brews so I feel good about supporting the little guy.  I’m thinking maybe a Geuze for a late nightcap.  Any suggestions?  What have you guys been enjoying lately?  And, most importantly…

What are you drinking tonight?

24 thoughts on “1/20/2012: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. I am currently am having Gauntlet Double IPA (Iron Fist), Primordial Double IPA (Mother Earth) and a California Cream Ale/Vanilla (Mother Earth). I am also drinking my first two homebrews, which requires regular nips at the above growlers. Svetlana standing on Karl’s shoulders and is taking nitrous hits and cleaning the wort off of the ceiling.

  2. Picked up a sixer of Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA, got a bomber of Ninkasi Renewale Porter chilling, and will probably crack one of my remaining 21st Amendment/Ninkasi collaborations at some point.

  3. Just got back from my local secret bottle shop with the last 2 bottles of 2011 Abyss, a bottle of Victory at Sea and a sixer of Sierra Nevada Rye IPA. Gonna enjoy some of the Rye and some Bruery 4 calling birds tonight.

  4. Weird, I was eying that Sierra Rye IPA as well. You guys will have to let me know how it is.

    I ended up with a 6 of Troegs Troegenator (Which I’m drinking right now, awesome as always), 6 of Firestone Walker Union Jack, a 4pk of Smuttynose Big A IPA, bomber of Pretty Things Jack D’Or, and a single bottle of the More Brown Than Black IPA from Stone/Ninkasi/Alchemist. Figure I’ll never get my hands on anything directly from Ninkasi so this is as close as I’ll get.

  5. Well I’ve been enjoying a lot of different things. I have a four pack of founders imperial stout, a six pack of left hand pepper porter and a few fireside chats left; however, I’m actually finally cracking open the dogfish head twenty faithful ale tonight. It’s actually clearing room for a few things I’m buying tomorrow.

  6. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout – A Wisconsin Brewery that is starting to make a name for themselves. I have a couple of cases of their BBS and their Satin Solstice Stout – can’t go wrong with the price point. They have a few other varieties that I haven’t tried.

  7. Pete: I got a few random Central Waters bottles on my first beer trip through Wisconsin the August before last, and they were pretty good. They could use some snazzier labels, if I remember correctly.

    1. That’s some expensive stuff. At my local package store they sell a small-size bottle (under 12 oz I think) for like $16.

      1. Definitely, though it wasn’t quite that high. I think it was more in the $13 range – which is still pretty obscene for a mini-magnum (I think it was 375 ml, which is a little more than 12 oz) . Quite frankly I didn’t realize it was that expensive until after I bought it. I wasn’t expecting something like this at Wegmans, so I snapped it up without looking too closely at the price. But I’m generally willing to pay extra for good beer (even though, yes, there’s a ton of great beer that’s probably a better value)…

        1. I remembered the price specifically because when I saw it at the package store I referenced, it was mislabeled for like $8 I think. So I saw that and thought “What the hell, I’ll splurge on a mini bottle. Then I get up to the cashier and she’s like “Oh no, this is twice that price,” and I basically said “Hell no.”

          I ended up getting to try it on tap for like half that price a few weeks later, so I was happy.

  8. Drinking the last remaining bomber of homebrew porter from the back of the fridge in a new Northern Brewer “Mine” imperial pint that they sent me for free because I complained about FedEx’s handling of their shipping. Good dudes.

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