Sweet merciful crap, those were some long holidays we just suffered through.  If you were lucky you got out of work early the day before the Christmas weekend, then you got that following Monday off, then you got the Monday after that off.  That’s 3 shortened work weeks in a row – Unprecedented in my world.  Judging by the comments we’ve been receiving, there has been a whole lot of drinking going on during this relaxed time period.  While some of us are probably slowing down, I’m sure a few pops will make their way around tonight.


What are you drinking tonight?

24 thoughts on “1/6/2011: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Enjoyed a nice Smog City Saison with lunch. Meeting friends at the El Segundo brewery after work to try a few of their latest offerings. They always have at least one experimental beer on draft so hopefully it’ll be a good one. Then, picked up a Rodenbach classic this morning to go with the bitchin’ dinner I plan on whipping up.

  2. Im revisiting the pale ale, a style I often overlook. Ive bought twelve different pales and plan to make a night of it woth a buddy of mine.

  3. Grabbed some burgers with friends along with a Free State Winterfest IPA (with those Galaxy hops everyone is crazy about these days) and a Green Flash West Coast (hard to beat on tap). And now that I am home, a bottle of Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Stout to lull me into the arms of Morpheus.

  4. Stone Old Guardian Belgo Barley Style Ale ?? Really, “Barley Wine Style” ? I’m drinking a “Style” ?!? and loving it, I might add… But at 12%, alas, I can only drink the one bomber…And totally inappropriately having it with Thai Coconut Soup and Chicken Satay… But a damn fine beer is still a damn fine beer, no matter the pairing…Slainte !

  5. Thai Coconut Soup and Chicken Satay?!? You are crazy man!!!!

    In all seriousness, that sounds awesome.

  6. Trying hard to open up a tap in my kegerator by drinking up the Belgian Strong Dark Ale I brewed last fall. It seems I have a neverending keg. 🙂

  7. BeerBanker –

    RE: “Barley Wine Style Ale”…that’s the Trade and Tax Bureau, doin’ their job. “Barley Wine” is considered a style and must include that stylin’ word.

    When we first submitted our Fullsteam growler labels for federal approval, the TTB made us change “Southern-Style beer” to something else, as they told us “Southern” isn’t a style. We went with the slightly-more-clunky “Southern-Inspired beer.” Sigh.

  8. Aww yiss made a beer float with a bottle of Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk Stout and Caramel Praline Ice Cream. Awesome!

  9. I had a Brewdog Paradox Smokehead. Usually I find that beers aged in Islay Scotch barrels are overwhelmed by peaty smoke, but this was an old bottle and the flavors had merged pretty well….

  10. Got some more beer of the month beers recently – I had a Bourganel Biere au Nougat. It’s a beer that’s actually brewed with Nougat. It smells like candy — pretty amazing! Unfortunately, it tastes like shit. The only disappointment i’ve ever had from that club – everything else has been awesome. It was so bad I was forced to move to tanqueray and tonics to put out the flames.

  11. skyswartout – i’ve made stout floats myself before. They’re awesome! Glad to hear someone else enjoys them as well.

  12. Oh yeah Professor, I figured other people had to enjoy beer floats, but didn’t have proof until a friend told me that he saw one on the menu at Troeg’s brewery a few days ago.

  13. This past weekend: Backyard Brewing Company (still homebrew but soon legal) “Patty O Day” stout on Saturday (1/7) night for a family gathering. Sunday night birthday party for Mother In Law so had Backyard Brewing Company “Imperial Nut Brown”.
    Regarding beer floats, yeah they rock. Take a nice dry irish stout and add to a blender with vanilla ice cream. Best thing in the world but after a few you may forget the top on that blender so be careful or switch to straight beer.

  14. I drinking an beer from Italy named Theresianer Bock. Sounds German but the part of Italy where is beer is from was before 1918 Austria.

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