So, who else feels fat and bloated after a debaucherous Christmas weekend?  Of course, the only debauchery I participated in was glutnous food intake mixed with far too many ales and nogged beverages, but I feel disgusting nonetheless.  Which brings us to today – 12/30/11.  Another weekend, another holiday, another extra day off from work to recover.  Sounds like drinking weather to me.

As you’ll see in the inlaid photo, I’ve been blessed with a fresh delivery of the Alchemist’s Heady-Topper.  64oz of oily, citrussy, hoppy goodness that will surely disappear before the morrow comes.  Other than this 4-pack though, I haven’t a clue what beers I’ll be consuming this weekend.  I’m probably in the minority as having several beers left over from the last holiday weekend as I tend to mix wine and spirits with my brewed beverages on Christmas.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be stopping off to resupply the beer fridge for another few sessions though.  I’m thinking something bubbly and airy for New Year’s Eve, like a bottle-conditioned Saison or just something cool from The Bruery.  For the Winter Classic and full NFL slate I’ll try to find something local and fresh, whatever that may be.  Decisions, decisions – Just so much beer to pick through and an overabundance of time to drink up.  Not a bad problem to have.

I’m sure plenty of Aleheads will be drinking some exclusive specialties this weekend.  How about you?

What are you drinking tonight?

11 thoughts on “12/30/2011: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Still working my way through this year’s supply of Sierra Nevada Celebration; probably will open my Lost Abbey Judgement Day on New Years Eve. Seems appropriate as we approach the end of the world.

  2. I haven’t decided yet. Had the opportunity to go to Missouri this week so I’m all stocked up beers not sold in my side of the state line. The garage is currently stocked with Arcadia sky high rye, Bells best brown, Founders dirty bastard, Stone oaked arrogant bastard, Founders breakfast stout, Great Divide hibernation, and Founders porter. Some combination of that should work.

  3. 12/30/11, Doc. Not 12/23/11. More proof that you are never sober when you write these posts.
    FW Union Jack for me.

  4. i already had a good people snake handler and fatso at the taproom. who knows what the bar has in store for me later on tonight.

  5. Was wondering about the 12/23/2011 – alcohol explains a lot. After a hard day of beer hunting;

    I am enjoying a number of Bell’s Expedition Stouts.

  6. Picked up a growler of Victory’s Ranch S IPA today and have been working through it… Seems to be a new beer, very cascade-hoppy. Enjoyable!

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