Well, I suppose we should get our drinking shoes on.  Get ready for the start of a hellacious bender that goes from today, 12/23, straight through the New Year.  While the title of this post is “What Are You Drinking Tonight?”, just like it is every Friday, think of it as “What Are You Drinking This Weekend?”.  Don’t kid yourself – You’ll be drinking just as much tonight as you will tomorrow, the next day, and most likely the day after that.  This is such a great time of year for the beer drinker.  Not that you ever needed an excuse to drink, but the holidays seem to be the time when you break your own rules a little.  Maybe you splurge a little at your local package store.  Maybe you finally purchase that special bottling you’ve been eyeing for weeks.  If you’ve got vintage ale collection in your basement, maybe you crack into it a little this week (I know I will).

This weekend we’ll all be drinking some special beers that maybe we wouldn’t break out on an average week.  Yesterday I  was feeling festive so I picked up this year’s Fantôme de Noel, a bottle of Gouden Carolus Noël, and several back vintages of Sierra Nevada Celebration that were just screaming to be purchased.  I’ll be cracking into some of that purchase tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll kick off the football day with a growler of Cambridge Brewing Company’s Big Man IPA, their semi-Winter seasonal (Thank you as always to my lovely wife for picking up some fresh brew on her way home from work).  Good beer will be had throughout the weekend and I know I’m not alone in that.  So tell us, festive souls…

What are you drinking tonight?

26 thoughts on “12/23/2011: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Nice little selection at Castle Von Brue for the holidays: Alesmith Yulesmith, Southern Tier Krampus, Hopping’ Frog Frosted Frog Christmas Ale, Port’s Santa’s Little Helper, Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds, Cigar City Sugar Plum Brown, and a handful of others. Right now, though, I’m sipping a Harpoon Winter Warmer… For old time’s sake. Merry Christmas!

  2. Have to wake up at 4am and drive, so gonna keep it light. Bought a bottle of an interesting looking Birrifico Montegioco Bran Reserva the other weekend at the Pizza Port bottle shop that I think I’ll crack.

  3. I found (at Trader Joe’s) a Botswain American IPA – took a chance on it, as I didn’t really know anything about it. Not bad….. I am sitting here now having/enjoying it. As for tomorrow evening (Christmas Eve) I have Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter……

    Indeed, life is good….

    Let me take this opportunity to wish one and all a Happy Holiday Season – I am very happy to be a member of Ale Heads!

    God Bless you!

  4. Just finished an arduous drive with the family and dogs from Pittsburgh to the inlaws’ in South Jersey… kicked them out of the car and headed to the nearest liquor store to get some local flavor. Picked up a sixer of River Horse Hop Hazard, a much-more-balanced than the names implies dry-hopped Pale Ale. Really nice malt character.

    Also excited to see a bottle of the vaunted Firestone Walker Double Jack (not available in Western PA). Will be cracking that later.

  5. Cracked into my first of five Boulevard Boubon Barrel Quads I bought this week (with bottles earmarked for Slouch and Hoppa). As delicious as I remember from last year. Perhaps a bit more tart than last years (in a good way)?

    Right now we’re drinking a Hoppin Frog Frosted Frog Christmas Ale. Holy crap is it spice forward. It tastes like a ginger snap.

  6. Anchor Christmas to scour the taste of disappointment that was this year’s Sierra Nevada Celebration out of my mouth. I ran it by the Aleheads and it seems I’m not the only one who isn’t in love with the Celebration. Too astringent. Too piney. Just doesn’t work for me…

    After my lone nod to the holidays, I’m cracking a bomber of Epic Imperial Red and then a can’t miss Sculpin. Wifey McHops is now T-minus 12 days until Baby #2, so I’m trying to “drink responsibly”. I have no interest in being hungover in the L&D room.

  7. Today/tonight was Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Ninkasi Imperiale Stout, and Washington local Sound Brewery’s magnificent double IPA, Humulo Nimbus. When I get back home to Illinois tomorrow I will have some Terrapin Wake-N-Bake, along with offerings from Sweetwater, Stoudts, and Heavy Seas that I am looking forward to trying.

  8. I had me some Samichlaus – saved some from last year, so I had a vintage 2009 and 2010. At 14% ABV each, it was quite a fun night! I’ve got some more in the cellar as well, so I can have some of the same vintages next year… and if the 2009 is any indication, this beer just gets better with age…

  9. Nicely done Mark. I am a gigantic fan of the Samichlaus and can’t believe I forgot to pick any up this year. I always try to save a bottle from each year so hopefully I can find some in the basement. Wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

  10. Tonight… Let’s see.. (seeing is getting tricky now) Finished a few bottles of Scaldis Noel, one of Trappistes Rochefort 10, a pint of Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome, and some eggnog with brandy. (Or, brandy with eggnog.) But, I’m trying to behave myself and save my Corsondonk Noel for tomorrow. So – it looks like the 6 or so left of Scaldis Noel are in danger.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas everybody!

    From Pine Junction, Colorado.

  11. Mudslides, New Glarus Spotted Cow (it was a gift), Founders Centennial and homebrew rye stout for me today.

  12. Ripped, I went to the liquor store yesterday and got myself a couple of extra bottles of the 2009 vintage Samichlaus (and I already have a few extra 2010 vintage), I can’t wait to try those again next year (and the year after, and so on…). Have you had older vintages?

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