And here we are again.  While every Friday night is a drinking night, tonight kicks off an interesting couple of weeks.  First off, we’re officially into the most gluttonous football period of the year with live NFL games being broadcast up to 4 days per week and the college bowl period just ramping up.  Next weekend you get a special treat with a full slate of NFL games coming at you on Saturday since Jesus prefers the old b’ball on His day (Jesus, huge hoops fan).  If you like football, and why the hell wouldn’t you, you should be very happy little children.  Aside from football you’ve also got Christmas, Hanukkah  New Years, slow work weeks, in-laws, screaming kids, laughing kids, more screaming kids – Needless to say there will be plenty of reasons to crack open a few brews before the year is out.

Last Friday we had a slew of folks commenting on what they were drinking for the evening.  Everything from Lagunitas to El Segundo to Russian River to Great Lakes to Founders to Bell’s to Sierra.  Lots of good beer was had by all.  Well, now we’re on to a new week.  First up for me tonight will be an early Christmas present from Trader Joes – Their 2011 Vintage Ale that’s clearly contracted from Unibroue.  Looks good, should be interesting at the very least.  After that I’ll be on to one of the best IPA’s the land has ever known – The Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point.  Tonight can’t come soon enough.  But enough about me, what we really want to know is…

What are you drinking tonight?

17 thoughts on “12/16/2011: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Have two bottles in the fridge from the Bruery provisions series, one Snickerfritz Belgian Strong Pale ale and a Run BMC imperial pilsner. Splitting these with my best friend who is coming into town. Gotta take it easy tonight as tomorrow I am heading to north county San Diego to hit 6 breweries, followed by a pow wow at Pizza Port which has become my annual Christmas tradition. Many growlers will be filled, many tears of joy will be shed.

  2. BTW that Trader Joe’s ale is solid, even better after a year in the cellar. Good value too, it’s like $6 for a 750 if I recall correctly. I’d recommend picking up a few more while they are readily available.

  3. pizza port wipeout, green flash imperial, ballast point somethingorother then maybe a lagunitas when I get home… I’ll be ready for the republican debates I DVR’d last night.

  4. I’ve got a Flying Fish ESB sitting at home, followed by Schneider Aventinus, followed by some Jack Rose cocktails I’m gonna make with the applejack I bought the other day. A friend of mine is coming to town so I get to share tonight!

  5. Going to see the new Sherlock Holmes flick. I think I’m going to sneak in some homebrew. Besides that I’ll probably have a Great Divide Hibernation, and maybe an Old Foghorn.

  6. I’m finally home and cracking into a bomber of Sweetwater’s Fresh Sticky Nugs. With a name like that, it could taste like cat urine and I would still love it.*

    *Note: It does not taste like cat urine. It tastes like alcohol and weed.

    Merry Friday everyone. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  7. I’m back from the Troegs tap takeover with a growler of the Scratch #52 “T2”- an imperial version of the Hopback Amber. Absolutely delicious, and will get me through until the Nugget Nectar release.

    But damn you Barley, I sent you that Sticky Nugs link when they got label approval. Must try. Jealous.

  8. Sierra Nevada Celebration and Great River Red Band Coffee Stout. Seriously—one of the best coffee beers I’ve ever had. Very similar to Surly’s Coffee Bender, except available in central IL!

  9. Had some Ten Fidy and a beer of the month from Telegraph Brewing Co. (their winter ale – pretty nice!).

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