Welcome to the first in a weekly series of “What are you drinking tonight?” posts that will go on from here to eternity (Or until I get bored with it in about a month).  We’ll be throwing this thing up every Friday night, roughly the time when everyone on the East Coast is getting out of work.  Figure this is a good spot to list out any goodies that you picked up on the way home, maybe a growler that you just filled, maybe just the homebrew you’re trying out for the first time.  Whatever you’re drinking, if you’re drinking, let us know.  Besides, no one wants to drink alone and now you don’t have to (At least that’s what I’ll be telling myself tonight, while I’m drinking alone).

To be very honest, every one of us Aleheads wants to hear what you’re drinking.  Call it curiosity, call it a sickness – I don’t know what it is but we’re desperate to know every damn beer that’s being consumed on a Friday night.  Listen, I live in the Boston area and I can get a whole lot of beer both locally and from around the world.  That’s a great thing.   Still, whatever you’re drinking tonight that I can’t get my hands, I want it and I want it now.  If you can fill up a growler right at your local bottle shop, I’m jealous.  If you get to drink Deschutes tonight, I’m jealous.  If you’re drinking Russian River, Cigar City, Ninkasi, Surly – Well then F’ you.  Sorry, I mean I’m jealous since these are all things I can’t do in my home state, now please send me some of those delicious suds.

Enough rambling, just make sure you come back every week to tell us…

What are you drinking tonight?

28 thoughts on “12/9/2011: WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TONIGHT?

  1. Got a bomber of Goose Island Night Stalker I’ve been saving for a while (pre ABInbev Purchase) that I’m going to sip as I get some work done. Also going to hit El Segundo Brewing Companies Taproom after work to get a growler of their Vanilla Stout for the weekend.

  2. Sadly, I live in a small town that has maybe 10 bar / restaurants. I get a choice of Bud, Bud Lite, Bud, and Miller Lite; oh yeah, and Bud. There is one place that has Sam Adams on tap. Go figure as it is in between the aforementioned taps.

  3. I’m at Amica’s, a tiny micro-brewery, in tiny Salida, Co. I’m having Piney 2, a realllllly good dipa.

  4. Polishing off the last of a 4 pack of Flying Dog Gonzo imperial porter, and a Belgian strong homebrew that’s quite nice (but sadly, almost gone…).

  5. My fridge is filled with Racer 5 IPA, so that is my beer of choice this evening. Sonoma County’s best. I have plenty, so feel free to drop by. 🙂 I did have a Lagunitas IPA with lunch. So I am living the dream.

  6. Couple of local dark beers tonight – Fyne Ales Vital Spark and Stewart Cauld Reekie. Hardly a hop in evidence (although Cauld Reekie is a decidedly un-British 6.2% – what the hell, it is Friday)

  7. Wow, nice work ladies and gents. I probably can’t get at least half of what’s listed and many I had to look up on the old Google (Probably my favorite thing to do after hearing what others are drinking).

    I stopped off a local package store for a Notch Brewing sampling. They’re a “Session-Only” brewery out of Ipswich, MA that makes use of many local ingredients in their sub 4.5% ABV brews. Bought a bottle of their Cerne Pivo, which I think is a traditional Schwartzbier that was quite good. Also tried their Saison and BSA Harvest.

    Now drinking a Dark Horse Oatmeal Stout, which will be followed by a Port Mongo before crashing out.

  8. Let’s see, I had a pint of Founder’s Dirty Bastard followed by a Southern Tier Creme Brule. Chased that with Avery’s delectable Dugana and finished off with a Bell’s Special Double Cream. All were half price on draft at my favorite central Ohio watering hole, Bodega. With the app it came to $18.66. Suck it, Commander.

  9. Herr Hordeum is in town along with our parents and they brought a cornucopia of treats to go with some stuff I’ve stashed away. So far we’ve had some Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi and the Stone Vertical Epic ’11. Both excellent. Up next: Victory Dark Intrigue.

    Cheers to all the Aleheads out there…

  10. 21A Brew Free or Die IPA, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Bell’s Christmas Ale, and my own dry oatmeal stout.

  11. Dogfish Head Chicory Stout.
    Say what you will about Sam C. As far as run-of-the-mill stouts go, this is freakin’ excellent.

  12. I was drinking cocktails tonight, but I’m planning on breaking into a new homebrew rye stout for the first time tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  13. Thanks for commenting everyone – as I mentioned last week, it’s great to hear what people are drinking. Always nice to learn about some new beers.

    Mashtun – I’ve enjoyed the chicory stout as well (although not in a long time…).

  14. I can fill a growler up right at the Nashoba vallery winery (they also brew beer), but I went for Black as night Lager from Magic Hat.

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