After Brother Barley’s cool Alehead Nation map of the United States got such a positive response, we received requests to do similar things with individual states, celebrating all the breweries rather than just one representative choice. Without further ado, here is an Alehead’s map to the great brewing state of Pennsylvania. Did you know there were so many? Next time you’re visiting, stop in one of the state’s 70+ breweries and raise a pint to support our local businesses. Click the image or here¬†for a high resolution version.



  1. This sort of thing really makes you realize how little you know about a state’s entire brewery makeup, if you’re not from the area. So many that don’t get any suds out to the midwest.

    Did you make an attempt to position them geographically on there? I don’t know enough about Pennsylvania to have any idea.

  2. They’re positioned geographically in a (very) rough way… Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have so many that their breweries end up covering most of their respective lower corners of the map, but I tried to position them by location when possible.

    A bunch of these are brewpubs and not full-scale production outfits, but in researching this I was amazed at how little I knew about the players in this state’s brewing industry.

  3. “Beer is proof that God loves us” – Ben Franklin. We’re blessed to be so close to so many good brew makers – PA knows their beer and drinks it with pride!!! I reside less than 20 minutes from Stoudt’s and within an hour of Victory/Yards/Troegs and all the otha Brothas!!!! Great map – job well done!!!!

  4. I sometimes forget how awesome it is to live in an area with so many great brewers. It’s easy to get caught up with whining about not getting enough of The Bruery or Russian River or something around here, but damn, we have so much great stuff here… And hmm, I haven’t even tried beer from some of these places. I guess I should get on that…

  5. Wisconsin should just be one big growler with cheese cap! So many awesome breweries – so little time for consumption.

  6. I should do one for Kansas as well, but I haven’t had the time to undertake the process of plotting BOTH breweries on the map.

  7. The Illinois one would be kind of pointless as well. A few blips in the center of the state, and then a million smashed together in the upper right corner.

  8. A great idea. Is there a database of breweries you reference for this (or does anyone know of a current list of U.S. breweries)?

  9. I love this!!! I am new to the craft community and I must say, I AM ADDICTED! I will be the bar manager for a new bar in St Cloud. We have decided to focus on celebrating US Micro Breweries and craft beers. Any chance I could get/buy a copy of the united states one you did?

  10. Just download it and print it yourself, Kelly! Everything on Aleheads is free of charge (at least until we figure out a way to charge for it).

    Go to the post and click on the image and it will take you to a much higher resolution picture. It should print out as a pretty sweet poster. Or just click here:

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