Barley and Slouch welcome Lucas, Chip, and Angela from Lucky Town Brewing of Gluckstadt, Mississippi to the show.  We talk about the incredibly restrictive beer laws in the Magnolia State, their selection of (as-required-by law) session beers, how they got started, and much more…

Find out what it takes to found a brewery in a craft beer wasteland, how to avoid lighting your yard on fire after a long brew day, getting funded on Kickstarter, the real deal behind Biggs Blacklidge, supporting Raise Your Pints, engaging the homebrew community, and getting the ladies hooked on Oatmeal Stouts.

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2 thoughts on “LUCKY TOWN BREWING

  1. I look forward to trying all these brews…someday. That maple stout and IPA, especially. I’ll have to trust you for now on the chile beer.

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