Brother Barley gets his hands on the legendary Founders CBS. Mmm…


The craft brewing proliferation over the past few decades has increased the number of beers on package store shelves exponentially. With greater variety comes a greater need to differentiate your product. You can certainly do that by making better beer than your competition. Or by pushing the envelope with extreme beers. Or by developing new, […]


Have you ever taken that first sip of a beer and had to put the bottle down because it was skunked? You liar. You drank it anyway, didn’t you. In between some of the poop jokes on the very exclusive Aleheads email list someone mentioned skunked beer, and it got me thinking as it’s something […]


The Stoic is Deschutes Brewing’s newest beer in their Reserve Series lineup (which includes such impressive brews as The Abyss and Black Butte XXIII).  To quote directly from the website’s description: A prized, potent, Belgian-style Quad of stirring depth and complexity.  Four nuanced fermentations. Aged, sequestered, in select rye whiskey & wine casks. Ergo a […]