You can actually HEAR Slouch Sixpack getting drunk in this Labor Day edition of All Beers Considered as the boys ramble on ’bout:

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4 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #22

  1. I still think the Goose Island thing is BS, for exactly the reasons you raise. You’re completely correct about your suspicions. It is practically impossible to be a person who gets to try any of these special barrel-aged and wacky beers. They’re literally just being made to show up at these fests to prove “Hey! We’re still making all these cool beers!” and put a happy face on the fact that EVERYWHERE ELSE in the country, you can just get 312 from them.

    As an example—I was in Chicago this weekend, and I was in almost every one of the best beer bars at some point. Guess how many of the beers from that story I saw—zero. For all intents and purposes, all these fancy beers might as well not even exist, because their distribution is zero, zero, zero. What’s a beer worth that you can’t even try, except perhaps at the brewpub?

    It’s like if Ford was purchased by a Japanese car company, and they kept one manufacturing plant in the U.S. open and released awesome, experimental cars there….but they only made one a year, and nobody was allowed to buy it.

  2. I am a lifelong White Sox fan, having grown up on the south side, and was also a lifelong Frank Thomas fan. He was the best thing going in Chicago baseball as I was growing up as a baseball fan in the 1990s.

    You mention, however, something along the lines of “what else do the White Sox have going for them beer-wise?” Curiously, they have quite a bit more going for them than many MLB teams.

    The White Sox in general are a progressive staff. Unlike the traditionalist-rooted Cubs across town, whose official beer will always be Old Style, the White Sox park, U.S. Cellular field, actually has a good amount of craft beer diversity for a major league stadium. There are several “Midwestern Brew” stands that specifically highlight craft beers of the Midwest, with selections from Goose Island, Bells, Great Lakes and Barley Island (from Indy), for instance. The pricing is still ballpark pricing, so you’ll be paying something like $7.50 for one of those beers, but if you take everything into account, they’re really no more expensive than the crappy BMC products, so if you’re absolutely DETERMINED to pay for a beer at the park, there’s no reason not to drink craft. These are new in the last few years, and I can only hope that they’ll continue to expand into partnerships with some of the area’s more interesting craft brewers, assuming any of those guys would be able to keep up with the demand that the ballpark contract would presumably generate.

    …now me, personally, I usually bring a flask of rum to the park, but that’s because I’m cheap.

  3. Indeed. I remember that Cleveland story, and I laughed an audible laugh at the idea of buying a $30 bomber. Considering that I paid half of that for Dark Lord, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

    If you ever do somehow find yourself at U.S. Cellular Field, however, I’d save your money until after (or before) the game and visit Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar in Bridgeport, only a mile or so away. It is a fantastic little beer bar that is still something of a well-kept secret in Chicago.

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