This week Barley and Slouch are full of fire, brimstone, and high-gravity ale and talking:

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2 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #21

  1. I really should have known better than to send that particular bar’s beer list. I didn’t even actually end up at that one, the original Blind Pig in Champaign. Instead, I was at their second location, the Blind Pig Brewpub, which has a smaller beer list, but without the crappy beers (besides a peach wheat) on the first list, along with their own house brews, which are mostly excellent.

    Champaign really is a great town for beer, though. About 50 yards from both of the Blind Pigs is Radio Maria, which has 27 craft taps with no BMC products in sight, but they don’t list the draft menu on their website for whatever reason.

    A block from there, you’ve got the new brewery/restaurant, Destihl.

    Click to access OnTapChmp.07.29.11.pdf

    Then on the other side of town in Urbana you’ve got Crane Alley, which has a nice list.

    As well as the fantastical Black Dog Smoke and Alehouse, which does not skimp on the Ale portion despite its small size.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1382&bih=677&wrapid=tlif131326735283710&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=black+dog+smoke+and+ale+house&fb=1&gl=us&hq=black+dog+smoke+and+ale+house&hnear=0x8874ae4bee0c1da7:0x70b471ab67a3830,Decatur,+IL&cid=4029928926739647472

    All in a small, central Ilinois city. A damn fine place to go to college and learn about craft beer.

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