SLOUCH: Hey, world! I don’t think I’ve ever had Cantillon. In a related note, if it’s so great, why do we never talk about it?

DOC: They’re hands down the best pure Lambic brewers in the world, no competition. We don’t talk about them because they brew lambics, they’re not located in the US, and they don’t make IPA’s.

Here’s your shopping list:

Kriek – Easiest to find, pretty approachable. You will never touch a Lindemans again after trying this (Which is a very, very good thing).
Rose de Gambrinus – Tart raspberries, but lighter than most of their sours.
Fou’ Foune – If you like sour patch kids, you’ll love this.

If you like Geuze grab whatever you find – They do get pretty pricey though depending on the aging. The straight up Bruocsella is the one you’ll usually find, but they’re all pretty good. Again, only if you like Geuze though. If you’re only lukewarm about the style you might want to stay away. It would be the equivalent of someone that thinks they like beer because they drink Blue Moon on occasion, so they order up a Hop Stoopid. You have to really like Geuze to appreciate a Cantillon Geuze, otherwise it will taste like complete shit.

And, as always, never end the night with a Lambic or Flemish Red. Unless your wife likes to clean vomit off the shower curtain.

SLOUCH: Thanks Doc. Don’t worry about this Missus, she’s seen worse.



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