Just wanted to send a quick shout-out to our friends Erik, Scott and Kevin over at Their little corner of the beer blogosphere was initially called, but after an extraordinarily amicable discussion, they agreed to “rebrand” their site to limit confusion. Considering how easily confused our visitors are, I think it was for the best.

First, I’d like to once again point out the camaraderie and decency amongst craft beer lovers. All it took was a simple e-mail to the BeerSoaked crew, and they quickly agreed to the name change without any hostility. Second, I’d encourage our readers to check out Erik, Scott and Kevin’s site. They’re just regular guys exploring their interest in the world of craft beer and writing about it. Kind of like the Aleheads with 100% less snark and jackassery. We love checking out new beer blogs and we encourage our readers to do the same. Just remember to come back to at the end of the day. After all, we’re the ONLY beer blog that can GUARANTEE to make your penis and/or boobs bigger just by reading our posts.*

*Note: These claims have not been approved by the FDA.

4 thoughts on “SOAKED IN BEER

  1. I was honestly truly impressed by how amazing these guys were when we requested that they rename their blog. I won’t say it gives me hope for humanity’s future, but it certainly gives me hope for the future of beer apprecionados. I will certainly be keeping an eye on!

  2. I gained a very small amount of hope for humanity’s future, but then I saw some Bud Light commercials on TV and it went away.

  3. Thanks guys. I got a PM from a reader on my site that said: “Libation over litigation… for one united beer nation!” I’m guessing that they followed the link from your site. We appreciate the mention and will try to up the amount of snark and jackassery in our blog going forward. Just wait until Scott starts posting. As for the biggering of body parts, we’ll leave that to you guys. Cheers!

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