After a brief, summer hiatus, Slouch and Barley are back to talk:

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7 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #19

  1. While you do a good job explaining the benefit of cans for craft beers, they are not reusable for homebrewers.

  2. Yes, that’s a drawback to cans that is always worth pointing out. Homebrewers should still seek out bottled beer (dark brown only, of course) so they can keep the receptacle for their own use.

    One other very minor drawback to cans is that if you find yourself in a situation with no glassware and MUST drink straight from the vessel, bottles will keep your beer cooler slightly longer since glass is a much better insulator than aluminum. That’s why I always carry a weizen glass in my pants. Also, ’cause it makes my junk look huge.

  3. I’m thinking ofstarting a drinking game where you do a shot every time liberal is said on all beers considered.
    Ps bring back the maltercation.

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