Here we are again, just on the other side of a fresh new season.  While most folks are wandering through their yards pondering whether they should buy the fertilizer that kills the weeds or the fertilizer that grows new grass*, we Aleheads of course are thinking of far greater dilemmas.  As we’re drifting along into another Summer season, what beer should we be drinking?  Now that may not seem like much of a dilemma since the answer is naturally “Every damn beer we can get our filthy little hands on”, but I suppose the right thing to do is to act like we do with every other season and put up a reader poll.  Come on, you know you want to click on the link to answer the poll question.  How often do you get to tell people what they should be drinking?  Click, click, click!

*Remind me again why I can’t have a fertilizer that both kills my weeds and helps new grass grow?  Can’t some nerd figure out how to stop germination in one thing and promote it in another?  

When we posed a similar question to our audience this Winter, the masses chose Barleywine as the style that should be consumed before all others.  After suffering through another brutal New England Winter, I can’t say I’d argue with that selection at all.  In the Spring, our readers chose Saison as their favorite go-to style to break into the warmer months ahead.  Again, great choice on that one and certainly a style that’s right up my alley.  Summer presents a tricky challenge though.  Do you bow down to the blazing heat and sacrifice malty goodness and high ABV’s for something light and refreshing?  Do you put you Imperial IPA’s aside and opt for a macro in a can?*  Do you throw caution to the wind and just keep chugging away on your Baltic Porter while your skin retains its alabaster hue of death in your central AC’d basement?  I ask you fellow readers, What’s your favorite style of beer for the Summer?

*No, no you don’t


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