Today’s links include the answer to that age-old question, “Would a rock FM station use an unrelated glamour shot to lure readers into a story about beer naming rights?” Hint: Yes.

* Allagash brewmaster confirms what we were taught in college: beer kills all germs. [Esquire]

* Good place to drink beer, bad place to check your phone. [Alamo Drafthouse]

* Perhaps the Aleheads wouldn’t hate on Guinness so much if they were drinking it at the source. [Slate]

* They’ve got Step 1 down (buying good beer), but they’ve neglected Step 2 (drinking it properly).  Still, if Salon is talking about beer, can Women’s Health be far behind? [Salon]

* Apparently not. Glad there’s someone to tell the fairer sex that Miller Lite is “nasty.” [Women’s Health]

* They say every week is San Diego Beer Week, but this week more than most. [Sign On San Diego]

* Mmm, non-fictional fictional beer. [LA Times]

* Speaking of Homer’s favorite brew, the true inspiration comes forward. [WZLX]

* And if you think your local congressmen are stupid, listen to Alabama’s finest debating the recently failed Homebrewing Bill.


  1. Nice round-up, Smiley Brown. You’re a true hero, you know. Not many Aleheads could have slogged through that Women’s Health Magazine article. When a post lists Miller Chill as the best beer their panel tested, you know you’re out of your element…

  2. Miller Chill has the distinction of being the only beer that I ever did an honest-to-God spittake with.

  3. To be fair, Miller Chill tastes only slightly better than Bud Light Lime.

    I’ll tell you what- when my Big Beer Boys pull something from the market in my area, sometimes that is a blessing! Good-bye Michelob wanna be fruity flavorless piss! When my customers bemoan their disappearance, I commiserate with them just a smidge, pause, then turn them onto craft beers with fruit adjuncts. I’m proud to say that I’ve made quite a few converts that don’t look back! It’s good to be the beer wench! ;p

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